Totally Unexpected - A Happy Reveal


Apr 22, 2009
Well, where should I begin? :cool:

Another tPFer KL (let me call her KL here; she is a very elegant lady.) and I met on Friday and we decided to do a little bit window shopping before we sat down for a cup of coffee - I mean, just a LITTLE BIT WINDOW SHOPPING. So we went to our local H store.

The store usually has a low inventory so I totally didn't expect to see something I might like. The sales were pretty busy when we walked in and I didn't see any bags I want on display. I had been thinking about getting a Tosca Herbag and a Lindy lately. I checked a week ago and a SA told me they might get one later but the wait could be anywhere from five months to eight months!! So I was sure they didn't have a Herbag.

How about the Lindy? I didn't think they had one either. But KL told me to ask anyway. So I did. I already forgot how exactly the SA responded but I think she paused for a second and said: "We have a Lindy." "What size?" "30." Well, it is the size I want. And I asked about the color and I got "brown." Weeeell, brown. I hesistated. I am more into cold colors and the only neutral colors I usually buy are black and white. I used to wear some brown but haven't bought anything in the brown family for the past couple of years.

But no hurt trying. So I asked the SA if I could take a look. I think the SA felt my hesitation and she said: "Let me check first." So she went back and forth and asked at least two other SAs if she could take the bag out. About ten minutes later, she came out with the box. And guess what color I saw? It's certainly in the brown family but the official name is not BROWN.

Okay, I haven't finished the "story" yet, but I'd better let you take a look first. Will continue when I post the pictures.