totally turnlock teri

  1. i think i am in love. i do believe i am going to order this gorgeous bag in red. can someone verify the width of the bag? Shopbop lists the width as 4" and active endeavors lists the width as 8". also, if you have this bag, does it have the turnlocks on both sides? if not, what does the back look like? thanks. i dont live close to anywhere that sells them irl so i have to depend on internet photos and experts like you!

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri Tote -

    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Marc by Marc Jacobs Total Turnlock Teri - Red
  2. The width is about 5 inches (I suppose due to the pockets' capacity, if you really, really stuffed it full of stuff, it could expand to 8 inches). It has turnlocks on only the front. The back is plain leather - imagine the front without the pockets and without the turnlocks. Don't forget to use the 25% dominodeals coupon on AE! HTH!
  3. I saw this bag! It's gorgeous! I was actually debating if I could do something as nuts as buy the Teri AND the Hudson... yowza...going to have to think on this some more.
  4. It's cute! sold out already.
  5. I have the a black Teri and I love it!!!
    Here are some pictures to that might help you in your decision. When I measure the side of the bag, it comes out to 5" with some tissue paper stuffing.
    TeriFront.jpg TeriBack.jpg TeriSide.jpg
  6. thank you cheapmommy for posting pics of the back! okay, girls now i am sad. active endeavors has sold out of the red and i was hoping to use the 25% off coupon. but someone (i cant remember who right now) still has one online. so, do you think ae will restock this bag or should i just buy it full price somewhere else? thanks!
  7. Aww ... sorry to hear that, bumblehoney. I hope you find one.
  8. You are very welcome. I emailed active endeavors over a week ago to see if they were going to get black ones and they never replied. I ended up getting it from Bloomingdales. I see that Shopbop has the red and eluxury has the black, chocolate, and yam.
  9. Can it be worn on the shoulder?
  10. Yes, very comfortably.