Totally Turnlock Teri & Softy Leather Tote

  1. Hey, can someone help me out? I'm moments away from purchasing the totally turnlock teri, I think it's just gorgeous. But I noticed the Softy Leather Tote, and...there were similarities. Which one do y'all prefer? And could you give me a heads up to which you think the better purchase is??

  2. I would go for the Teri Shopper (Tote? What is the name of it?) ! I have fallen in love with it, and might be getting it later on. Which color were you thinking of? I saw 'yam' in a magazine and it looked awesome, but in the pics I find on the internet it seems too orange for my taste..:sad: I've found one good pic of it though. Looks promising. Hehe. Does anyone know if it is very orange irl, or if it's just the pics? Black looks great as well, but maybe a bit boring. I don't often like black bags, but this I really like.

    Totally Turnlock Teri Shopper [eLuxury]
  3. I like the shopper a lot too, esp in the reddish color. Looks hot!
  4. also has the totally turnlock teri tote in the firebird red color. Haven't seen it IRL, but it looks great on the site. I was planning on the teri in black before seeing the firebird. Of course, now I want the teri in firebird and the tina in black. I have the spring version of the leather tote in bronze, but like the soft leather and the fall colors better. The soft leather tote in brown is just yummy! Decisions, decisions!
  5. I have the Teri in black and just love it. I also saw the yam IRL and it's a great color - not too orangy. The leather is soft soft and buttery. It's a great choice for a bag.
  6. Mmmmmmm....seems everyone is in agreement...the Teri :smile: As for the color, I'm dying for the firebird red, I think it's such a rich beautiful color. Thanks you guys!
  7. Hello, I just bought my bowler bag today in YAM, the colour is absolutely gorgeous, it's great not orange more of like a honey colour, great and rare I would definitely get the yam. I was soooo close to gettin gthe teri but realized I had one from burberry almots exactly the same. I say YAM ;)
  8. It's not too orange? I saw the photos and I was a little concerned. Not that there is anything wrong with orange, mind you, but i'm a little more 'conservative-colored' now when it comes to my bags. I work in an office and I like to be able to wear my bag to work and transition out of the office at the end of the day. I've found 'standard' colors work well...problem; I've got so many of the same color that I'm looking for a little variety. I saw the red and thought it looked gorgeous. But now you've sort of turned my head with the Yam, and I'm going to have to go and take another look, LOL.
  9. Can the Teri be used as a bag for a laptop?
  10. Woo hoo! I'm going this weekend to get my Teri!! Haven't decided what color yet...will have to look in person. BUT I'm so excited! When I hold it, open it, examine it closely, lol, I'll let you know gloss_gal. Truly, I haven't held this bag, so I don't know if it'll work for a laptop, maybe a small one?? I have a Sony Vaio and although it's not overly large, it is bulky and doesn't fit most 'standard' bags.
  11. I read how there is a firebird red color. I am noticing that it's only on the shop bop website. Never in any least at Macys...Why is that? It is authentic?
  12. I guess it's like any other bag, some stores carry certain colors but not necessarily all. is very reputable and I'm sure what they sell is authentic. As for a laptop, a small one would fit but carrying a bigger (heavier) one might not be too kind to this very soft leather. But that's just me, I tend to overbaby my bags :smile:
  13. I haven't seen the 'Firebird Red' anywhere other than Shopbop either. But I would assume that yes, it is authentic. Shopbop isn't known (at least not in my experiences) for selling fake bags. Most stores have a 'buyers' list that is more 'restrained' than online sites. I know that most stores (Macy's included) will order only certain bags in certain colors. I worked at an upscale women's boutique for two years and I know our buyer would only order the color that she thought would do well, or the color that the dealer directly sent to her.
  14. I saw the Firebird Red Teri at the MbyMJ store in Boston, so it's authentic.
  15. I bought this bag in the dark brown a couple months ago and I LOVE it. It accordeons out, so you can hold a ton of crap in the back, especially books or magazines.

    I originally fell in love with the orangey color (yam?) in Elle magazine, but when I saw it in person it was way too orange to go with my olive skin tone so I settled on the dark brown (which looks great with black outfits). The black color looked almost too black in person if that makes sense.

    Anyway, the leather is supersoft and sometimes I smell the luxuriousness of it when no one's looking :smile: