totally turnlock natasha crossbody

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  1. has anyone bought this bag???if so do you have any pics?????
  2. is this bag similar in size to the petal to the metal natasha???
  3. I can't think of any tPFers off the top of my head who have bought this bag. There's been a lot of speculation and threads started about it, though. Try doing a search. As for sizing, I suggest you look on the retail sites (or eBay/Bonanzle for that matter) and compare the measurements there.
  4. I was wondering about the same thing. By the pics on the web, it seems smaller than the one with the metal petals, but it's hard to say for sure. :thinking:
  5. I just bought it last week from Net-à-Porter! I just LOVE the color (oak brown) and the leather feels so soft. Its size is perfect! The only thing is that the shoulder strap is a little bit too short to make it crossbody (I'm 5'3).

  6. Beautiful bag Misatchel! Congrats.
  7. thats a gorgeous bag thanks so much for the pics. they are very helpful as i am much the same height as you.
  8. Just wanted to note that when I tried on the classic q Natasha, I could easily wear it as a cross-body bag. I'm 5'4". :yes:
  9. canyongirl > Thank you! :smile:

    amelie34 > I'm glad it helped you! :P

    blackonmaroon > I also tried the classic q one and I loved it too. Both bags were calling my name lol. That's why I recently hunted for one on eBay. I can't wait to receive it! :yahoo:
  10. I hope you love it -- congrats, Misatchel!
  11. There is on sale at only the cranberry color for $218!!
  12. I heard that the natashas with silver hardware have longer straps than the gold hardware bags. Has anyone here experienced this? It would be a huge help in considering which colour to purchase.
  13. I have the Turnlock Natasha in Elephant (silver hardware). I'm 5'8" and I wear it as a crossbody. Love it!