Totally Turnlock Key Pouch in Cranberry?

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  1. Hey Girls!

    I've recently take an interest in Marc Jacobs Turnlock collection, I absolutely :heart: LOVE the colors!

    I have my heart set on this lovely Cranberry Turnlock Pouch and I forgot to bid on it last week on ebay! I was an hour too late due to miscalculations!


    When I was in Vegas, I've only seen these pouches in Black, Navy and a light blue at Nordstrom. And Holt Renfrew in Canada doesn't carry them.

    I was wondering if anyone has seen it anywhere else? Maybe the regulars who visit their boutique. Is it discontinued? :crybaby: I would love to find one!
  2. #2 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    I haven't seen the cranberry, but Bloomingdales also carries them. They had some colors on sale for $58 (I think) last time I checked. Try Saks, too.


    red and silver are currently $47.60 at Bloomies:

    and black patent, too:

    I'm bummed I didn't get an elderberry one last fall, and recently picked up one in denim to hold my ipod. (Kitty just ate through the cord on my ear buds so I need to keep everything zipped up! :cursing:)
  3. Thanks zuzu for the links! The Red, Silver and Pantent Black are also so pretty!

    But I think Im still set on the hard to find cranberry! I should have purchased it when I had the chance! =(
  4. It's a great color -- hope you find one soon! :flowers:
  5. For some reason, the Cranberry color doesn't seem to be selling for as much as the other colors (that's what I've been noticing, especially with the Turnlock Teri!), so you may get a good deal on eBay! Good luck!

    (Doesn't it suck how Holts doesn't have ANYTHING good here?!)
  6. telicious, thanks for the info! I've been also eyeing a bag in the cranberry!

    And it does suck how Holts nevery carry anything remotely exciting or up to date. It's terrible, we need a Neiman, Saks or Nordstrom asap.
  7. I recently got an elderberry pouch on eBay but I love the cranberry too
  8. I bought the same one from Saks when they had 75% sale. So, I guess Saks had some, but I believe they are all gone now... Sorry I couldn't help, but I hope you find one!
    BTW, I love your dog, Pinkcaviar!