Totally Turnlock Heidi

  1. Has anyone gotten the MbMJ Totally Turnlock Heidi yet??? I'd love to see pics if you have... Right now, it's selling in BLACK & CAMOUFLAGE, does anyone know if other colors are going to be released?

    Soo cute! :graucho:

  2. I saw it over the weekend in (I think) the ivory color. I was heavily debating with myself over whether or not I should get it but in the end, I spent the money on clothes :shame:

    It's a great bag. REALLY BIG!! It's definitely bigger than the bowler but it's also much more comfortable on the shoulders. the drop-length of the handles is just right, long enough to be worn on the shoulders but not so long that it'll touch the floor hanging from the crook of your arm.
  3. looks cute! I'd like to see what it looks like in it camo leather??
  4. Yeah, the Heidi looks so cute! I can't wait to see it in real life or a pic of someone wearing it. It's probably too big for me at 17.5" x 8" x 7" (per eluxury) and a little too similar to my turnlock bowler.
  5. camo is more of a, real cute color :yes: and leather!
  6. in IVORY!? oooooh... do tell where you saw this! i love big bags so i'm super excited about getting one, i just wanted to see if it would come out in other colors. IVORY would be perfect for the spring/summer!
  7. Ok, so I was having a rough day at work today (I'm still here and still am, hence this post!) so I snuck out to Bloomingdales to see if they had the Heidi. Oh, they did, and so much more! Camoflage is the most beautiful muted green color and what I think they are calling Beige is a beautiful pale, pale pink color. There were a couple of new styles but the one that really caught my fancy is a turnlock bag in the MJ multipocket shape! I've been really wanting a MJ small multipocket in some kind of dark blue color but now I'm LOVING this MBMJ one! The one thing is that it just snaps at the top instead of having a full zipper to secure one's belongings. Other than that I LOVE it! Are there ladies out there that have more than one style of the turnlock line? Not that I can afford to spend the $428 right now but I feel like it's so similar to my turnlock bowler.
  8. black and ivory are available at
  9. macy*s union square in san francisco, ca :yes: good luck, it's such a gorgeousssss bag!
  10. I had the teri and the bowler. I've sold the bowler so now I'm considering the Heidi, haha. I dont think they're too similar, I'm sure we could help you justify the purchase :graucho:
  11. I am really tempted about buying it, although my mom will KILL ME if she knew how much I was spending. I've never had any nice bags before but I really want the bowler...;___; When do you guys think it'll be sold in some online stores that have 20% off codes?

  12. enabler!:smile:
  13. i love this bag too but havent seen it in stores yet. have seen the turnlock satchel (in black, has great print lining) and was concerned bc the drop seemed too short, at least for me and couldnt get it to hang nicley on my shoulder. really hope this isnt the case also for the heidi!!!!
  14. huge huge huge bag! i tried it on in Macys... seems like an overnighter
  15. I saw this bag at the boutique. I kept looking at going back and forth debating on whether to get it or not. It's a REALLY big bag. So I decided not to get it since I personally thought it was too big for me. But it is a great looking bag. I'm sure it'll be a good bag to fit lots of stuff in. Like a puppy! ;)