Totally Turnlock Faridah in Mouse grey...

  1. OK, so the last 4 months I have been obsessing over getting a quilted blake, and now that I got one (in almond- yay!) I have turned my sights to the Totally Turnlock Faridah in Mouse Grey... only to realize its gone EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

    Now I have a totally turnlock bowler in black, and it is the love of my life, so when I saw the Faridah in grey, I realized I would use it ALL the time because I just love that line, so wearable and durable and cute! So of course, as we ladies do, I'm just torn apart that my new obsession is not available for my consumption (just doing my part to help the lagging economy, right??)!

    Does anyone have any leads/advice/anything?!?!

    I truly appreciate any help! :heart:
  2. What a beautiful color!
  3. I'm about to buy the Faridah in black but I have some questions about the leather. I had the Teri once but returned it because it was so heavy. Is the Faridah heavy as well ? And is the leather as thick as for the Teri ?
  4. The Totally Turnlock leather in the 2007 Resort collection is pebbled, very different from the previous buttery soft leather ... but I don't know if it's also heavy as the old one!
  5. i think it's available at bloomingdales in nyc. i was there about two weeks ago and saw it.
  6. i'm actually going there this weekend... i'll check for you if you want.
  7. I've read somewhere here that there was Faridah in mouse grey avaiable at Bloomingdales ... .
  8. I just ordered this yesterday from Nordstrom. They have it there, bloomingdales and net-a-porter. I can't wait to receive mine! Good luck!
  9. Wow! How did I miss it on NAP? Who knows... but thanks for much for your help ladies! I will go to Nordie's and Bloomie's this weekend so try and find it in person, i would prefer to get it from Nordie's since I have a giftcard there...

    You guys are the best! Thanks for all the help!
  10. I have both and I think the Teri is lighter. But my teri and faridah are from different seasons so it may be a variation in leather. The leather on my teri (F06) is more smooth and the leather on the faridah is a little grainy (S/S 07).
  11. I love this bag and have been searching and searching for it in the "Green". Took me about a week but finally found it at Nordies on the East coast I live West coast. Found it in the green for $260 on sale. Also was told this bag will come out again the end of June in other colors for Fall Collection.:tup: