Totally Torn?!

  1. I am a super duper big Louis V fan and am about to branch out.
    I love both Balenciaga and Chloe. For those of you that have knowledge in both which bag would you suggest? I know this is all very subjective but I need help as to which would be a better bag. I heard the Chloe is heavy, does the lock come off? I heard the Balenciaga also doesn't have the same quality leather as before. Any help is kindly appreciated!!!! TIA:love:
  2. The balenciaga and chloe are very different bags. The Balenciaga is a very casual, light and useful bag. The balenciaga's leather is different than in previous years but it isn't by any means bad ( it is a prefernce). The chloe lock is heavy but yes you can take it off. I like to take the chloe out to dinner but not carry it around all day. The balenciaga city is great to carry but IMO very casual.
  3. From what I've been hearing, Balenciaga will be returning to their old leather for the upcoming Fall collection (correct me if I'm wrong, I may have my seasons mixed up :lol: ). Personally I love both bags but I would have to agree, the balenciaga is a much more casual bag plus it's a lot lighter than the paddie.
  4. I'm not a fan of either bag to be honest... I think the Paddy is way too trendy and it's WAY too heavy for normal use. And I just don't get B-bags. They're very casual, so they don't work so well with me....

    Not to throw a wrench, but what about the Chloe Kerala? I think it's an attractive bag, it doesn't weight a ton, and it's unique:
  5. I'm doing the same thing! Doesn't hurt to branch out! :lol:
  6. The chloe is gorgeous, but if you need something that you can carry every day without being in pain, I'd recommend balenciaga. Another good thing...if you regret buying a b-bag, you can always sell it here very easily!
  7. I love balenciaga. i love the design/style and the different colors that are available. the bags are big, but they aren't heavy. the leather (well, mostly the older models) are fabulous... buttery soft and durable. some people see it as a trend, but i really love the bags, so i will continue to carry them whether they are "in or out" of style. i continue to be excited about the new colors and style that balenciaga puts out. hopefully next season they will bring back the old leather that i fell inlove with. also, it is only with balenciagas that i and many other balenciaga fans don't mind owning the same style in different colors or the same color in different styles. i don't personally know anyone who only owns just one balenciaga and feels that's enough. but just a warning......balenciaga's are very addictive.

    i bought a paddy last year and returned it immediately, because it was so heavy and the quality of the hardware was disappointing.
  8. I have both and I actually love the Chloe paddy and Edith and like the Balenciagas. I think the paddy has the much nicer leather but it is heavy so it is just a carry around all day bag for Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a tough decision but I would always prefer a paddy over a Balenciaga.