Totally torn. Help me decide!

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  1. I had been looking at a sand Jillian on ebay, even went as far as to bid on it cause the price was good. Anyway, I got outbid then I received a 2d chance offer from the seller.

    Now my hubby just got me an Ada in how different is Jillian?? I LOVE the sand too, but I hate to spend the $$$ right now! But then the price is good.

    What should I do????????? :crybaby::confused1::shrugs:
  2. The Ada is the big sister of Jillian, as you already know. Ada is a big, heavy bag but beautiful.

    I have a Jillian in black and LOVE this bag. I love the poochy tummy, the studs and the leather is just wonderful, abit bumpy and thick, like a Rhino's hide. *s

    Someday I will own a Jillian in the other colors too, probably sand and bourbon both.

    The only beef I have is that the handles don't always want to stay on my shoulder. I look at this as more of a hand carry, crook of the arm bag, but that is ok with me.
    Jillian-06-2.JPG Jillian-inside-2.JPG
  3. Is the Jillian in question the same color as the Ada you just got?

    If they're different colors and you feel good about the price, I'd say go for both.

    If they're the same color, then I would probably hold off on the Jillian. Although I don't have either bag, I think they're pretty similar styles.
  4. I let the offer expire. Must control obsession! :yes:

    Besides, there's a new Coach bag I'm interested in that hits the deck on Monday.
  5. I think I am going to list my Sand Jillian. Not that it isn't beautiful but everytime I go to bring it out I get drawn to my black one. No, it was not practical of me to buy a bag in the same style/different color. But that's what I do, use Ebay to try on bags..LOL

    I bought too many darn bags this Spring and I can't get to use them I may do a closet re-haul. No new bags for me until The Gryson in Fall.
  6. Wahhhaay! That will bump up the number of koobas on Ebay once you add half of your stash.;)

    Right..Im off to Ebay to table-spot!
  7. Sorry to burst you bubble Halzer but I listed a Gustto. I'm going to go digging in the closet this weekend to see what to do.
  8. I think you made a good call Grace. The two types of leather seem very similar. See? We help to control each other's enabling tendencies once in awhile. :lol: