Totally Scary & Freaky

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  1. I was at one of the local restaraunts by my office enjoying my soup and chatting away on my crackberry (phone) and to my surprise, i heard the man next to me talking to his other buddy. he was saying how he comes on THIS website with fake pictures to have them authenticated for his business and it "works all the time yo"

    This is horrid news. We have people on our forum that are not real forumers. They waste our time getting our approval on their fake stuff.
  2. What:wtf:! I can't believe an "authentication" of a fake would slide by here. Just crazy! Did you slap him with your gorgeous and authentic bag:bagslap:
  3. sorry, but I don't believe him :shrugs:
    Our volunteer authenticators are only human and could make a mistake, but when there's dozens of eyes in our AT threads. . . well, it's just unlikely.
  4. I'm going to guess bait & switch. He probably posts pics of real bags, and then sells the fakes.
  5. I was shocked... and no...i dont think my bag was very noticeable to bootleggers. It's a R & Y Augusti Black Python :P
    however I really did want to say something. It just freaked me out. I guess Swanky is right.
  6. what did he mean by that?
    my understand was he is selling fakes, and post pictures on here to see how close it is?if anyone can tell?
  7. haha! he ended his statement with "yo?" what a thing to brag about and highly unlikely. :rolleyes:
  8. I don't buy it either - we would hear about it from the purchasers as well.

  9. i took it as he gets fake items from god knows where and he uses our feedback to see if he can sell it off as the real a bag up..we say its fake..he won't sell it..if we say it looks good...he'll sell it as authentic
  10. You know, I see plenty of sellers on *bay that have "tpf member" in their listing.
    Many even say "feel free to have the girls on tpf authenticate".
    I tend to trust the seller more when I see that.
    Maybe I better think twice.

    That guy could put "tpf member" in his listing to make his junque seem more legitimate.
  11. I'm not sure that a fake would get the ok here, but I do think that these people are on this site. In the short time I've been here I've come across several posts, about authenticating inherited bags, which are obvious fakes. Always seems fishy to me...
  12. #12 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    I -think- what this person is saying is that he authenticates bags for people?

    IE, he runs an authentication business (LIKE mypoupette, caroldiva, etc) but he doesn't know the first thing about fakes vs. authentics, brings them on here under multiple IDs, authenticates them, gets back to their client saying what we told them.

    That's what I understood from what he said.

    ETA: or maybe he picks on the lesser-active brands with less authenticators? I remember YSL only has (had?) one authenticator, so things might slip by her sometimes?
  13. yeah, that's what i meant, lol...:tdown:
  14. Strange...and scary. Just wish there was a way to keep track of how many items people get authenticated. I know many use it, hell i use it but I only do so once in awhile and try not to abuse it. I've seen some that ask for 10 or so things to be authenticated an a matter of a couple days and wonder if they had any intention of bidding on any of them.

    I also get things I've purchased in the past authenticated but only because I really don't want to wear a fake. I really appreciate the authentication threads. I'm so sorry some use it for dishonest purposes.
  15. I agree. I wonder where he is selling them?
    I think I would have said something to him. I would have gotten up and said " I couldn't help but, to hear that you said you were a TPF member " Just to see what kind of reaction he had..haha!!