Totally Scared...Not sure where my coach bag is

  1. I posted a thread that I had ordered a XL Heritage Satchel. I am out of twon for the holidays but all my mail goes to a place called Postnet, its like a Maiboxes etc...
    Coach deliveries have made it there before and they just hold the packages until I pick them up.

    I was told by and Fedex that estimated delivery was on the 2nd but I checked Fedex online a few min ago and the package went out for delivery today and apparently Postnet was closed.

    The notes say:

    Delivery Exception

    the it says person not home or business not home.

    What does this mean??? Did they just leave my box. Did it go to another retailer next door that was open??? Not sure that would have allowed for it to be dropped off to a neighbor.

    The only weird this is it still says estimated delivery on the 2nd.
    I hope everything is ok but I am concerned
  2. Oh no! I hope everything works out !!!
  3. They did not leave the box or else it would say delivered - they are simply stating they attempted to make a delivery and no one was available so they will retry the next business day - there is an faq around on your tracking page that explains all of the terms they use. Don't worry - fedex still has it.
  4. Thanks so much!!! I will look at the terms sheet and check that one out!!!
  5. I freak about things like this too since I live in an apartment. UPS wont deliver unless its signed for. They just hold the package I think till they have 3 unsuccessful tries then it goes back to sender.
  6. Yeah, Fedex tried delivering a Coach purchase once and I was out, that was the note they left and they returned the next day to deliver it. That's why it's important to always insist on signature required otherwise they could just leave it outside.
  7. it would be nice if they'd just say in plain english - no one was home so we still have it LOL
  8. LOL I agree with you! Just make it simple without adding all these extra words. This has happened to me and I couldn't wait to get my item so I went to UPS to pick it up that day.