Totally Scammed by a Buyer & Paypal!

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  1. Well I am absolutely furious. I had just about stopped selling on ebay because of all the trouble I had been having with buyers but I couldn't really find any other viable place to sell. So I relented and went back to selling on ebay. Well on June 2nd I sold a coach reversible stripe tote. I had used this bag exactly 6 times I carried it 1 week to work and then that saturday and I switched bags out on sunday night and never used it again. So needless to say it was in perfect condition. It sold for way less than what it was worth but it seems like nothing is fetching a good price anymore. At any rate the bag sold for $122.50, buyer (new buyer who only had 3 feedback) paid right away, I shipped immediately, she recieved in a couple days left great feedback. End of story I assumed. Well on august 2nd I get an email that a dispute has been filed by the buyer. I log into paypal to read the dispute, she is claiming the bag is SNAD and that it was advertised as perfect condition but it is worn out and falling apart! I of course go through all the paypal steps to dispute her claim, i uploaded the photos of the bag that I used in the auction that clearly show its perfect. I jump through all their hoops and of course they side with the buyer and she sends the bag back to me. I get the bag back and you talk about outraged! The bag is disgusting, it smells like a litterbox, the fabric on the bottom is utterly filthy and the inside stripe has bright greensih-blue eyeshadow (at least I'm guessing thats what it is) smeared all over it the creed is completely ruined the pigment in the eyeshadow or whatever it is has permanently stained it. Not to mention the keyfobs/medallion are missing. I called paypal,. sat on the phone for an hour and told them that she destroyed the bag and returned it. So I ended up having to further dispute the claim she made and uploaded the photos of the bag I recieved back etc... She of course responds that this is the condition that she recieved the bag etc etc. So the claims status has been in review, I was expecting paypal to look at the photos and see that it was a clear cut case. She got the bag, used it, destroyed it and now wants her money back so she can scam someone else. Well I get a notice this morning that the dispute/claim has been reviewed and is closed. THEY SIDED WITH HER! I called them again and demanded to know what I could do, the rep I spoke with said I could ask for an appeal if I have more evidence to support my claim!!! I really am done with ebay now, this is the last straw.
  2. I am so sorry that this has happened to you !! As a buyer only, I just don't understand people who do these things. From the many threads that I have read, it just amazes me ! I would never in my wildest dreams think of or contemplate doing what some of these buyers are doing. It is really !! To bad for Ebay to lose a honest seller as you because of their stupidity !!
  3. That is just OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I am so glad that I don't sell on eBay anymore. I am so sorry that this has happened to you and you are justified in never going back.

    I just CAN NOT believe after ALL your pictures that they still sided with her!!!!!
  4. She filed SNAD after 2 MONTHS??!! :cursing: Isn't there a 45 day time limit? I would definately appeal and appeal and appeal until the buyer and Paypal are exhausted!
  5. this is terrible! can we see the pictures?
  6. You know, its unbelievable that there are stupid people like there out there. I have been really lucky to have met only nice buyers/ sellers so far (touchwood). These scammers are a total waste of time trying to hurt others and creating so much frustration to innocent parties and not to mention that they making Ebay a more difficult place to trade!
  7. That is terrible! I am so so sorry for you. Maybe try putting some things on Craigslist from now? Thats what I do. Even the smallest things aren't selling on ebay for me. I'm so sorry dear!
  8. wow- sorry to hear this..... I would be livid it if it were me....
    there is nothing you can do with the bag her user id so people know to stay away from her behind
  9. Omg. that's horrible - sorry that you are going thru this. Good luck in your appeal!!!
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. I only bought things from ebay. After having a few bad experience with sellers, I decided not doing any further transactions on ebay again. Having reading your story and many more in this forum makes me realize that ebay is an open field for all scrammers of any kinds to practice their twisted skills robbing decents people.
    If I were you, I'd continue pursuing this dispute to the end. Sometimes it's not a matter of money but what it's right or wrong...Good luck.
  11. OMG!! They did WHAT?! I'm so sorry! I unfortunately don't have anything to offer as far as advice other than to say that that sucks and I super hope that the appeals work!
  12. That is horrible! I am sick for you.:tdown: So sorry.
  13. this is unbelievable! was the feedback she left not good enough as proof that she was happy with the bag when she received it??? besides june 2nd to august 2nd is such a long time already and sure enough she would have used and abused the bag by then. i'm with you--i am done with ebay months ago and i'll never be back unless major changes for both seller's/buyer's protection are implemented.
  14. OMG. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. WTF? Please post the buyer's ebay id so we can all block her.

    The fact that this person waited exactly two months (60 days) to do this and then sends a damaged bag has "scam" written all over it. If you can appeal PP's decision, do so. I would also go to the ebay "community" forums and tell my story (and post her id) everywhere. Maybe someone can help, maybe not, but at least others will be warned about this scammer. If you had photos or video of yourself packing the item and mailing it, and/or a witness -- and you have the desire, time and energy to do this -- you could sue her in small claims court. Something else you could do--again, if you feel as though "war" has been declared and you're willing to go to war--is contact reporters at local and nationwide newspapers or magazines who are gathering info on stories like yours for their articles about the scamming going on at evilbay and PP. Google this topic; figure out what publications are publishing articles about it; contact the writers. In other words, make noise.
  15. And another thing, ebay owns PP, so I think a lot of the decisions made at PP -- by a chipmunk with magic shells -- are based on will ebay profit the most.