totally random comment...

  1. so today i went to Club Monaco to buy some work pants since its their friends and family event this weekend.

    anyways, i was standing at the counter, waiting for the cashier guy to finish folding all my 3 pair of pants, sweater and belt when this sales associate saw my bag and said she liked it, that it was very cute.

    i was using my murakami LV hands neverfull mm.

    and then the cashier guy was like "yea its nice. where did you get it"

    and i replied, "i didnt get it. but its from la"

    and HE SAID, "oh really, i hear there are alot of fakes down there"

    me, "oh really"

    UGHHH i didnt want to say anything back because he obviously doesnt know anything! i think he was implying that mine was fake! what a jerk!
  2. how rude! as long as you know yours is not a fake just ignore people like that!
  3. THe dude was clueless. Don't let it get to you. If he knew anything about LV, he probably wouldn't have made the comment.
  4. oh please he could not tell a real from a faux if it :bagslap:in his face.
  5. I don't let comments like that bug me. A lot of people are clueless when it comes to LV.
  6. people shouldn't be rude...
  7. yea i know. being clueless is one thing, but pulling out that fake comment is unnecessary.

    i believe that if you cant tell if its real or not, its better not to comment. till proven guilty.
    in the case of bags and such, believe its real till proven fake!
  8. He's just jealouussss of you:greengrin:!!!
  9. I would have clocked him.
  10. what an idiot...and how rude!
  11. I would have told him what's up! SA's like are undeserving of our business!
  12. Awww what a shame... Shoulda have said, And you know this how? :roflmfao:
  13. I would have said something like "yeah, but I don't own any fakes." Maybe he was just trying to make conversation..badly. Like when people try to seem informed but end up putting their foot in their mouths.
  14. i wouldnt worry too much about it. a lot of people are just ignorant like that. dont let his foolish words bring you down :smile:
  15. You're the better person for not even dignifying his comment with an answer. People like that are not worth your time ... brush it off and go on to more positive things. As long as you know what you have and you are happy, then that's all that matters!