Totally PM or MM?

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  1. Anyone have any opinions or pics on PM or MM for an everyday bag? I've looked through the totally clubhouse and I like the idea of the PM for an everyday shoulder bag but the MM may be more flexible for travel etc. I'm torn! I tried both on and just can't decide which one I want. Do you think the MM is too large for an everyday bag?
  2. I am planning on looking at the MM tomorrow. I have two Neverfull MM and I can't imagine going smaller. I am planning on using it as an everyday bag, just like my other totes that are the same size. I don't think the MM is too big at all.
  3. The PM is the perfect everyday size for me. I think MM is too big as a 'handbag'. but both nice and all a matter of how much you want to carry. Sure you will love either.
  4. I've never carried around a tote as an everyday bag before so I'm glad to hear you like it as an everyday bag!
  5. I know I keep going back and forth. I love the PM size for everyday too but I'm worried I'll want the MM as soon as I buy it!
  6. It depends on how much you carry and what works for you. If you like the PM more, then get the PM.
  7. I literally just replaced my 5 year old Totally PM (carried it everyday!) with a Totally MM...just about a week ago. The PM a great everyday purse! The jury is still out whether I'll like the MM as my new everyday bag, but so far I love it! I needed a break from the mono, so this new one is DE. Thrilled that when I travel, I'll actually be able to use the PM just would not fit much and still zip up.
  8. It's nice to hear from someone who has had both! I plan on getting the DE too. As soon as I decide on a size! I just can't decide if the MM is too big for me for everyday!
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    I love my Totally pm - it's my most used bag. It holds a lot (Clemence wallet, toiletry pouch, Cles, Kindle, glasses (sometimes more than 1 pair) with room to spare. It looks like a purse, but holds a ton.
  10. I own the Totally MM in monogram. To me its more a tote than a handbag.
    But, I carry mine as a handbag. I passed on the PM size because it was too small for me.
    I did not do my research prior to purchasing this bag. Otherwise I may not have bought it because the side flaps will curl. I enjoy my MM a lot but I am careful about the flaps and use it sporadically to delay the flaps from curling. However, it has a substantial zipper, wonderful pockets and overall a great bag to own.
    It’s your preference. Good luck and happy shopping!:smile:
  11. Do the flaps curl on the DE too?
  12. It's so hard to decide! I keep feeling like the PM would be such a good sized purse for me but I hate to get it and wish I would've gotten the MM instead! I can't make up my mind
  13. My research has shown the DE tabs do not curl, but that's just based on what I've read. It would be great if someone who has had their DE bag more than a few years could chime in.

    Your height plays a factor as well. If you are on the petite side an MM might look strange on you. On the flip side, if you are of above average height the PM might not feel right.

    Having had both it really boils down to how much you carry. In my PM I fit comfortably a pochette, Clemence wallet, 2 pair of glasses, phone and a cles clipped to the side and tucked in the side pocket. Not much room for much else.

  14. I'm 5'2. I tried on the MM in the store and it definitely is a large bag on me but I think it looks good. I didn't try on the PM though and I wish I would have! My store is a few hours away so I won't be able to go back and try it on.
  15. I just got the MM size today. I love it! It is roomy but I wanted a bigger bag since I already have smaller ones too.

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