Totally pm or Gallieria pm? Or something else???

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  1. Again I am looking for help: I wanted to buy the Galliera back in autumn but got a damier speedy 35 because I needed something weather proof.

    Now I am saving up for a new bag again: I am looking for a shoulder bag, not too big so I can easily carry it on the weekends too.
    It sould be something I can wear all year round, preferably with zipper...which I know the Galliera not has. But I heard here that it feels secure nonetheless.
    Whenever I see a Galliera on someone it looks so easygoing and "userfriendly". Just can not forget the bag...

    How do you all like the Totally pm? I think it would fit the bill but somehow I think it might be too much like the Cabas and a bit plain and I am not sure about azur in winter...

    Any other ideas? I do not want a Damier as it is for me a winter pattern...difficult...

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Wait for the Totally pm, at that point you can always change your mind
  3. I also think wait for Tatally
  4. i am not an azur fan so i would go with the galliera ;)
  5. I love the Galleria but I read some other TPFrs talk about how the leather around the hardware turns black which would eventually bother me. Wait for the Totally and see what else is out this season. You may find yet another love!
  6. Galliera!
  7. gallieraa!!!!!
  8. Agree! At least you'll get to see both IRL and be in a better position to decide which one suits you more.
  9. Galliera pm ... so pretty ^__^
  10. Galliera, love it!
  11. Galliera PM! So chic and hot!

    IMO, the Totally looks a little masculine. I also think it's going to be seen everywhere because of the lower price. That might not matter to you, but keep it in mind.
  12. i didn't like the totally when i first saw it on the website but i saw it IRL and i really liked it. i'm usually a big bag girl but i bought the PM and i really love it! no regrets buying it at all. :yahoo:
  13. Galliera
  14. Galliera PM! Loving mine!
  15. Galliera. I love mine so much. It is so comfortable and easy to wear. The fact that it doesn't have a zip top isn't even an issue. I'm not a fan of Totally - it looks like a diaper bag to me. Not that that's a bad thing - just not a look I prefer.