Totally Pm help

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  1. Can someone who has the Totally Pm and other bags..Neverfull Pm or MM, Speedy 25 or 30 etc post some side by side comparison pictures? I do not live near a store and can't find many side by side pictures to see the sizing. Thank you!! ❤️
  2. Any size comparisons or photos would be so helpful!
  3. The size is comparable to alma pm and speedy 25. It looks more than it can fit, probably less than speedy 25 when stuffed.
  4. Hi, I have the totally pm, speedy 25 and Neverfull mm. Here are size comparisons. HTH

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  5. Great collection❣❣ your DE bags look very different in color, does that happen over time?

  6. Thank you. I don't think so. I think they're like that since bought. It's probably just the different batches of the canvas. The totally is 1 year older than the speedy b, both not used very much but I use the speedy b a little bit more.
  7. Thank you so much so helpful! I was leaning toward the Totally because I have a Speedy B in Ebene and a Neverfull in MM in Mono but can't get the Neverfull MM in Ebene out of my head either. Do you use your Neverfull and Totally about the same or prefer one over the other? Thank you again so helpful love the pics!!:yahoo::heart:
  8. Thank you. :smile:
  9. Glad I could help. It just happens I have the bags that you were looking to compare ��. To be honest at the moment I'm into small cross body bags as I have 2 small ones under 3, so my shoulder bags kinda got neglected. Between the 2 I use my totally more as I prefer the security of the zipper and I gravitate to the carefreeness of the DE. It might be different if I have a neverfull in DE, as I can see how easy a neverfull can be, but I just don't seem to reach out for my mono one. Good luck deciding!