Totally PM cross body??

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  1. Does anyone have the totally PM in any print that they could slap a longer strap on and take a pic or two for me? Wondering if it's possible to wear cross body?


  2. why not?
    I did that with my mono gm

  3. Do you have any pics?
  4. Hello, so nice to hear that you wore your totally crossbody. Have you experienced any issues? I just love to have hands free any now and than ... but I don´t want to ruin my bag :biggrin:
  5. I think that would be a little bit weird to be honest, I just cannot picture it as a cross body bag I guess....

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  6. I think I answered this once already. But I would not recommend. One thing I have learned about LV is Cross body is Cross Body - Shoulder is Shoulder and Hand Held is Hand Held. When putting straps on the bags that is not meant for one it will pull where the bag is not meant to be pulled thus having the strap stick out when it shouldn't. Also you risk damaging the bag and having to pay for a repair. This happened a lot with the regular Speedy (people tried to make it a cross body) as I questioned before buying my Speedy B. But it really is your preference.