Totally or Neverfull?

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  1. Trying to decide between the totally mm and a Neverfull GM/mm in damier!
  2. My vote is for the Neverfull.
  3. I just recently got a Totally MM in Azur for a vacation. Zipper is a plus. Very functional and pretty bag. Love it!
  4. Both are totes.
    Totally has wider straps, outer pockets and top zip. More practical.
    Neverful; way cuter.
    I chose the totally coz of the zipper.
  5. Totally mm !!! Love it very functional and secure with zipper!
  6. I'd go with the neverfull. I got a purse to go insert with a zipper and pockets, so all my stuff is secure.
  7. On another thread here I heard that the totally is coming out in DE and will be released march 1st!! If that's true I may get me one in DE too since I love my monogram one!
  8. NF. I love that you can wear it open as a tote or cinched, both gorgeous!
  9. totally!
  10. Totally!!
  11. I don't care for the Totally, so I'd vote NF. :smile:
  12. NF. :graucho:
  13. neverfull gm - great for summer!!!
  14. Neverfull in MM azur
  15. I dont have totally, but i vote for totally. Security reason. :smile: