Totally or neverfull and why?

  1. Or different tote? Making the purchase today!!!! Help!
  2. Cabas mezzo ? I don't have one but I
    think it's a nice tote !
  3. Totally!
  4. I am really not into either of these but if I had to choose I would go for totally, I had the neverfull and did not like it.
  5. I will look at Cabas. Thanks Maria.i want a cute tote. Sadly I prefer damier ebene print. Leaning toward totally. I really need to make a decision. Lol
  6. YW dear !! Totally don't come on DE
    if I'm right ? or maybe I'm wrong ?? Lol
  7. Ur right. As always.
  8. I wish they make one .. That would be a
    dream come true !!! :graucho:
  9. I would choose the Totally
  10. Totally!!!!!!! Getting one myself in a few weeks! What size are you going to get???
  11. ive both.i prefer totally at any time!the only reason i didn't get rid of my neverfull is because its LE roses.if not,i'll say goodbye to it long time
  12. I love both!

    the totally is a perfect EVERYDAY bag! easy access pockets on the outside, easy to wear handles, light weight and lots of room evening in the PM/mm I would opt for the mm if I was going to use it everyday. Plus it has a secure closure.

    Neverfull MM is a nice size, light weight... I think of it more as a travel tote, beach/pool bag. I think its ok if you dont mind the open top. Personally if I wa using for an everyday bag I would have a PTG inside that I could put my wallet/keys and other valuables in ..
  13. When it comes to totes, I always go for ones that you can just throw on your shoulder with one arm. Because the NF opening is much smaller than the totally, you'd have to put it on your shoulder with your other arm. Personally this annoys me. With the totally you can just throw it on your shoulder and go.
  14. How about Westminster GM? It's DE.
  15. I love my Totally! It is a perfect everyday, classic tote. The straps are so comfortable, and the zipper is a plus. I also like that there is not a ton of vachetta to worry about. Just handles, tabs, and piping). Good luck deciding!