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  1. I purchased a handbag in December and after waiting for over a month I email the seller about it, now this is from the UK and she replies to me that it was sent Royal mail yada, yada, yada and you need to call USPS to find out where it is. I call the post office and they inform me the package never arrived in the United States.
    I reply back to the seller and she says that it will have to wait until February to file a claim with the Royal Mail. Would this be acceptable to you?. Well it was not to me so I asked her for a refund and she will just have to deal with the insurance claim.

    Well, today I get the package and have to pay 80.00 is customs fee. Is this normal??
    When you purchase from Let-Trade, I never had to pay a customs fee. Totally confused on this one as the handbag was not worth 80.00 more.:sad:
  2. Sorry to hear that..I guess it depends on the value of the bag. Did she write it's a gift and put the eaxct value?? I know LT always put it as gift and put much lower $$ amount
    I bought form seller from UK before with Royal mail, it only took less than 10 days.
  3. I'd be frustrated too Jean, waiting that long. I'm sure some more experienced eBay buyers from overseas sellers can help you better. I can't.
    No, I never paid customs on my items from let trade either.
    Sorry, are you going to keep it, or send it back to the UK?
  4. ^ I hope the custom didn't think it's $800 insteqad of $80
  5. I could be wrong but it could have been overvalued (or she added the shipping into the price of the item) on the Customs form.
  6. Yes this is normal, customs will do as they wish. they will charge you depending the value of the item. You might be lucky and not get charged.

    I've been luck to have things clear without an issue and i've been charge large amounts.
    Its hit and miss with them.
  7. She put the value on the customs form at 345.38. which was exactly was the handbag was worth. not 80.00 more. If she had said in her description that she was going to do this I would have never purchased it at all. I am so upset at this as well as the rude attitude just did not make this whole thing easier. This poor handbag I look at it and hate it..and thats not like me at all.
  8. Seller isnt responsible for custom fee's. i'd refuse the package if it was sent back to me for that reason.

  9. Oh no..that's really bad when you start hating the bag..

    I guiess she did that for insurance purposes but at least she should inform you about that in advance.
  10. If she claimed 345$ and that is what you paid on eBay, its customs that is charging you the 80$ she doesnt get that money. You have to take the charge up with customs, this has nothing to do with the seller.
  11. What about the fact she had already asked for a refund before receiving the package?
  12. Eeeek... so sorry Jean... :sad:

    Sellers should always put if they're going to put down the full value of the item in the auction description!!!! :hysteric:
  13. I'm sure you know that the customs fee is what is charged as duty for importing an item to your country from another country. The seller has no knowledge of what that amount is, and cannot deduct that amount just because you have to pay it as your country's customs fee. In that case, it would be your responsibility to find out what the seller is going to say in the customs declaration forms -whether it is going to be marked as a gift or not, and also find out what the customs fees are in general BEFORE purchasing the item. If you didn't - well, it's your loss.
  14. I know that customs are my responsibility but that much on a bag that is so little value??
  15. Exactly.... and since my only experience was with Let-Trade which I never had to pay a dime... How in the world am I supposed to know???
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