totally new to the chanel sub forum!

  1. Hello all!
    This is actually my very first post in the chanel forum!! :yes:
    Im actually new to the chanel sub forum though Ive been a member to LV and Balenciaga for over a year.

    I just recently fell in love with the chanels! Im really thinking of purchasing my first chanel bag but I dont know where to start. I know chanels are quite exspensive compared to the common styles of balenciaga and LV. So here is the question, what should be my first chanel bag? I would like to purchase a chanel bag that would be timeless twenty years from now. My budget has to be under usd 2000. Im pushing towards a pre loved ligne luxe small flap? Not sure if I worded that correctly. But any advice regarding a very first chanel bag is appreciated.

  2. I think if you do a search in the Chanel subforum, you'll see that THE most recommended first Chanel is the black classic flap... :yes:
  3. thanks! i will search!
  4. yes! Shar is right, but if you need/want a larger bag, then a black tote..they are gorgeous and classic like the flap is...get caviar leather (the grained pebbly looking leather), its much more durable.....instead of lambskin.
    WElcome, come back and you will learn so much......about Chanel!
  5. hmmm.. do u girls think a luxe small flap in matte leather(?) would be timeless?
  6. Hi and welcome!
    You can never go wrong with the timeless classic ligne. There are lots of pictures in the reference library. With your budget you should be able to get a new east/west flap, a small classic flap or the medium caviar flap. The medium caviar is $1995, just $5 below your budget :graucho:
  7. Alright, so im really pushing towards a med caviar classic flap. Im not so sure as I seen a few pics in the "your chanel in action" thread and the bag doesnt hold much at all!!!

    So now, Im contemplating if I should purchase it. Maybe the jumbo would be better? But then again it will bust my budget for sure. hmmmmm. Im a confused mess! :confused1:

    or maybe I should go for a different style b/c the classic will always be around? Maybe that can be my 2nd chanel purchase !! :p

    Not too fond of the totes just yet. It hasnt grown on me yet so that is out of the question for now. hmmmmmmmmm :push: :shrugs:
  8. maybe get your luxe flap. it def holds more (there are pics of my metallic black luxe flap in what's in your bag thread) than a medium classic flap. it was one of my firsts bc i was not "ready" for a classic flap yet.:shame:
    you can always get a jumbo classic for your second chanel!:yes:
  9. Get the's not as "jumbo" as the name makes it sound. The medium/large just doesn't hold a lot, and it won't hold the case for Chanel sunnies.....go for the Jumbo!!!!
  10. I agree.The jumbo holds more...and I dont think its too big at all
  11. The luxury flap retails for $2,225 + tax so it's busts your budjet. Unless you were thinking of finding a gently used one on eBay.

    I say definitely go for a caviar jumbo. You can find these gently used on eBay for less than $2,000.:yes:
  12. I agree -- a caviar jumbo would just be a great pic.
    Welcome to the chanel side!
  13. welcome to the chanel forum!
    since you mentioned you're not into totes yet, a gently used/preloved luxe ligne flap sounds great. or, like the other girls have said, a medium or jumbo flap would be timeless and classic!
  14. muhaha welcome to the dark side lol j/k!

    the classic flap was reccomended to me! And right before the price increase i nabbed it up!!!