Totally new to Balenciaga! Anyone know where in DC area I can see Bal bags?

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  1. I'm dying to check them out IRL. Are there any stores in NW DC or MD that carry Balenciaga bags?
  2. NM in Tyson's Corner 2 and Saks Jandel in Bethesda Maryland.;)
  3. Thanks! Tysons is a little far for me, but I'm really close to Saks Jandel. I'll have to check them out!
  4. Saks Jandel has Balenciaga now too??? Anything good?

    I was told by CUSP @ Georgetown that they MIGHT start carrying Balenciaga - such a shame Intermixx stopped carrying them.
  5. Saks Jandel? That's news to me. Angela, if you go there, will you please post a message confirming that they carry b'bags?
  6. I'm in Bethesda, so I'm pretty close to Saks Jandel. I've never been there before, but I'm hoping to check it out this weekend.

    I'll post what I find out!
  7. Actually, I just called (why didn't I think of that before)? They do indeed carry Balenciaga!

    But they only have the Whistle and the City bags. I'm pretty sure she meant City. She called it "the motorcycle bag, you know the classic one". I asked if she meant City and she said yes. Of course, I'm so new to Balenciaga that this was like the blind leading the blind here.
  8. She could also mean the First ("Classique") ... should be interesting to find out! ;)
  9. Last time when i was there they had:
    BI PT (sold), Caramel City (sold), Sapin City, Truffle City, Blueberry Box, Caramel Box, and Rouge VIF PT.
    Sunny is my SA if you want to ask for her.:tup:
  10. See "P" you don't know every thing.:roflmfao::graucho: For the past two years i have seen Balenciaga bags at Saks Jandel. Last year they had a Magenta Day that i didn't get and when i went back to get it, it was gone.:sad: I learned my lesson, never wait.:nogood:
  11. How funny, i live in Bethesda too :nuts:and i am only 15 minutes away from Saks Jandel. :yes:What a small world.:rolleyes:
  12. Well, Nanaz and Angela, let us know what their current stock is and all of us just might flock over to Saks Jandel.

    Nanaz, how are the SAs over there? Are they any better than the gang at Tysons Galleria?
  13. Funny thing is I was there earlier this year and didn't even notice it!!! I was probably busy dodging all their SAs.
  14. I'm not sure if I'll go this weekend, because I'd really like a Courier. but then again it's so close, and it might be fun to just go and pet them.

    Dumb question about reporting back on in-store stock: Do you ask the SA for all colors/styles they have in stock. Or do you just know the colors and styles well enough that you know just from looking. For me, that would be like a quiz to see how much Ive learned from all my late night tPF and ateliernaff reading!

    Nanaz! It's great to "meet' someone else from Bethesda.
  15. I just got back from SJ and they have a black quilted Bbag on sale for $895. Forgive me as I'm still kinda new and don't know the names really so bear with me. A dark green City that's not on sale and a smaller blue bag that is on sale but I don't know the name as 3 sales people were trying to push YSL bags on me at the same time. I ended up leaving sorry I wasn't much help.

    It's really a turnoff to me when the SA doesn't know anything about the bags. I remember now asking the SA the name of the blue bag and she didn't know.. so she asked another and she didn't know as well. Especially for someone that's new to Balenciaga like myself and not that experienced with the names.. even though I have 6 bags lol