Totally new to Bal- am I too late for a RGGH Part Time in black or grey?

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  1. I can't find it anywhere-- I asked my SA at NM and she said they had none. An SA at Barney's said that they're no longer carrying Part Times anymore cause it wasn't a popular size (??).

    I am soooo in love with the RGGH! Saw it irl recently and nearly swooned. It's gorgeous. Can anyone help...?? Anyone, anyone, pretty please...? I can't get it off my mind... :P

    Thanks in advance, ladies!
  2. No need to worry kai_415!! RGGH is now a permanent hardware, and black is out every season and so is anthracite (grey)!

    Try Bal LA or Bal NY! if they don't have it now, they definitely will in the future :flowers:
  3. Oh hey NYCavalier! Fancy meeting you here. I am officially moving on from Chanel. Heh heh. :P I am so glad to hear that RGGH is permanent. Yippeee!! :yahoo: Anyhow, so far no luck. I guess I may have to wait since the SA told me that RGGH was very popular and sold out quickly. Btw, congrats on your recent grey patent-- very very pretty!! :graucho:
  4. Thank you!! :shucks: Ohhh you will still have to come visit us over in the Chanel forum!! I made the move to Bal because of all the crazy increases but currently still can't get away from the CC's :nuts: but Bal bags are awesome and SOOO addicting. :devil: you have been warned!

    Can't wait to see your black/anthra rggh pt reveal :graucho:

    ps.. you can always email Cynthia at BalNY to see when their next shipment is coming in just put Attn: Cynthia in the subject line (or any other Bal NY SA's name)
  5. Thanks, NYCavalier. Again! And yes, I am also making my way to Bal cause of disappointment with Chanel. The last bag I bought (the Coco Rider) had huge quality issues-- the antiqued hw was making parts of the black leather yellow! I think the antique coating/treatment was rubbing off against the leather. Anyhow, I am returning to NM next week. :tdown:
  6. Keep an eye out for one on! I see a couple RGGH items pop up on there once in awhile.. stay on the mailing list. Also try emailing Aloha Rag ;)
  7. Thanks, Pinkalicious! I am on the hunt and may be getting one this week! Wish me luck!! :yahoo: