Totally new and clueless about Hermes...please help!


Feb 6, 2007

So I'm totally new to Hermes. The reason I'm interested is because my mom told me she'd get me a new bag for graduation, and I want to get something timeless and classic. I was thinking Chanel, but their styles aren't really "me" (although the are beautiful). Sooo I was thinking Hermes. But, like I said, I know nothing, so I figured this place would be the best place to go!

The only thing I'm hesitant about is the price range. I think my budget is $2k (maybe $2500 if I beg enough!) - can I get a nice Hermes for that (doesn't have to be exotic - plain old leather is good enough for me)? I don't want a clutch - I want something that's more functional. Which styles should I be looking at?

Also, where should I be looking to buy one? I'm in NYC, so I can always go to the Hermes store, but that place is a little...intimidating. I feel like I'd have to get dressed up to just walk by. Also, I've heard rumors of waitlists - is this going to be a problem?

Thanks for everything! I know there's someone out there who's knowledgeable and patient enough to help me!:yahoo:


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Hmmmmmm.......I don't know for $2K....I can't remember the price on the MM size Picotin or the Evelyne but those two might come close. OR you could see about purchasing a vintage Kelly from a reputable reseller....THAT might be even better.

About NYC Hermes......put on a pair of nice pressed jeans, a simple sweater, a pair of heels and walk in with confidence and a smile on your face. You'll be FINE!!!!! (um....and try not to go on Saturday when they are usually SWAMPED!)


Extreme Hermès!
Aug 28, 2007
Orange World
Picotin PM, Garden Party Canvas/Toile tote, Evelyne PM or TPM (Not sure if Hermes still make this size) may be around your budget.


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
OOO...I forgot about the Garden Party. That would be nice too!!!!!


Mar 2, 2007
I do think Hermes still makes the Evelyne TPM and it's about $1200 but it's not in my opinion the best choice for a first Hermes because it's SO tiny. Know what I mean?

daniela, there is a thread here in the reference section with current Hermes prices. Don't let it totally blow your mind--I know some of them have a lot of zeros ;) but there ARE bags in your budget range. I would suggest an Evelyne II GM which is a superb everyday bag, both classic and young at the same time, and in Clemence it's right around $2200 plus tax in NYC. It comes in lots of colors, plus of course neutrals.

Welcome to the H side!


Nov 21, 2006
If you want something timeless that is also around your budget the Jige clutch is really pretty. It isn't as functional as a daywear bag like the Evelyne, but its a good all rounder for almost any occasion. Also, there are plenty of 2K goodies at H that will be fantastic for you. Congratulations!