Totally mm

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  1. How would you compare the size? Is it bigger then the neverfull mm but smaller then the gm?
  2. I used my Speedy 30 B as a diaper bag for the longest time with the "Pimp my speedy" purse insert. I loved it but just wanted something new so I got the Totally MM about 2 weeks ago and love it!
    I think it's a great size for Moms with little kids! Our youngest is 16 months now so I only carry a few diapers with me, wet wipes and a bottle (besides all the other stuff in my purse haha) and it's great! I love it!
  3. I have a 17 month old! I have the speedy 30 b and just haven't been able to use it for both! I still carry maybe to much! But want to sell the speedy for the totally I think. (Not selling here) do you use any organizer or anything for the totally? I have a neverfull gm in azur but want to downsize for fall and get it in de
  4. I ordered this bag organizer for the Totally MM:

    It hasn't arrived yet or else I'd post a picture of how it looks like inside the bag. But it should be here monday.

    I've always only used the Speedy with the bag organizer and once I removed it after 3-4 years total (we also have another one) of use with formula, snacks etc in it thanks to the organizer the Speedy still looks like brand new inside. So I firmly believe in bag organizer.
  5. Sorry one last question since for me it's between the totally and speedy which do you like more?
  6. Size comparison Speedy 30 B & Totally MM

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  7. I haven't had a chance to actually wear the Totally since I'm refusing to without the bag organizer, so I can't say yet. But I think for my everyday mommy errands I'll prefer the Totally.
  8. I have both. You can definitely fit more in the neverfull.
  9. The Totally MM is about the same size as the NF MM (exclude slight dimension differences due as they are completely different designs) although the NF can hold more due to its wider opening and structure. The Totally is still very generous but it really shines when it comes to keeping things organized and secure thanks to its multiple internal and external pockets as well as its zipper - it's a perfect mommy bag as well as for travel and everyday errands.
  10. I agree with you completely. I have the Totally mm and Neverfull gm, the Totally mm is comparable in size to the Neverfull mm, that is one reason I got the Neverfull GM. The totally is a great organized bag, great for work, mother's, anyone really.
  11. Too bad they discontinued the GM size though. That was awesome for those who tend to carry more than normal, travel, or even school; the NF and Delightful GM are both roomy and well-suited for those tasks but the Totally's pockets made organization a dream.
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  12. Ok I also have a never full GM so I think I may go for the totally.. I have a never full mm but like the totally for the side pockets zipper etc. I thought about the new never full in de with rb but just don't know if I want another never full
  13. I personally think the gm would be overwhelming in size. I have the totally mm and compared it with the neverfull. I chose the totally because it fits my needs better. A great large easy to carry tote for travelling or filling it with kid stuff. If I were to get another largish bag I'd get the duomo because I wouldn't need two large totes in my collection. After the kids are grown I won't carry as much and foresee it as just a travel bag.

    The zipper was so important to me