Totally ***MM VS PM *** MONO VS AZUR


Mar 30, 2010
Need advise ...please ...;)

I want handbag that is convenient for travelling abroad. And I think that Totally is one of the best choices ,coz it's lightweight, roomy, and zip around.

My hight is 161 cm and my weight is 51 kg. I have a child travelling with me too.

I couldn't decide between Totally MM or PM. :biggrin:
- which one should be the right size for me.
- which one is more practical for travelling abroad.
- Does PM too small for lots of stuff?
- Can anyone provide pix of PM and MM while carrying.

And also couldn't decide between Monogram or AZUR. :smile:
-which one is more cute
-which one can goes with many dressing styles

Nordy's girl

My youngest!
Sep 23, 2008
I have 4 kids and LOVE the Totally, I think the PM would be too small for you and wouldn't hold enough, plus I just think the MM looks nicer in general. I don't have any pics, sorry. But I think if you go to the clubhouse and look under the Totally, you should find a lot of pics! I also think it's a fabulous bag for traveling, that is exactly why I am getting mine, I like the fact that it zips instead of staying open on top like the NeverFull.

As for Mono or Azur I think that's really what you like the best. I consider the Mono print to be a year around print, and also consider it a neutral, that it goes with everything. I think the Azur is gorgeous as well, but consider it more of a spring and summer bag. I want the totally mm in azur becuase I think it's a great summer travel/beach bag. If you want a better year around bag I would probably go for the mono print!
Good Luck with your decision!