Totally MM vs. Delightful PM or MM vs. Damier Beaubourg


Which one?

  1. Totally MM

  2. Delightful PM or MM

  3. Damier Beaubourg

  4. Other - please specify!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I *think* I've narrowed it down to these 3 bags.

    I like the zipper and feel of the Totally.
    I like the slouch of the Delightful; I'll have to try it on again to see about PM or MM.
    And I like the look of the Damier Beaubourg but am worried about pilling on the straps.

    So out of these 3, which would you get? Or something different?
  2. I have one totally mm I love it totally!
    Delightful mm will be my next purchase:smile:
  3. Totally MM
  4. I have the totally mm and love it...went in to buy the delightful but wasn't impressed with it I have round shoulders and it kept slipping off..could have been because it was empty but I didn't like it as much and wasn't as comfy to me as the totally.
  5. I had a Beaubourg. I love the look but wasn't practical for me (being a mom.) Sold it. I don't like the look for Totally... sorry, it does look like a diaper bag and even being a mom, I never liked the diaper bag look. Delightful did no hang well (slouchy like Mahina) when I tried it on.

    My vote is a NOE. You should try one, if you never have. My LOVE and everyday bag.
  6. Totally
  7. Palermo PM
  8. Well seeing as I have the totally MM, I vote for that!! I love the way it looks and it's soo functional. I've noticed it's been getting a lot of love here lately!
  9. delightful
  10. Hmmmm I think I may be the only one who likes the Damier Beauborg out of the 3 options. I like the look of it too and the many compartments it has especially the zippered one. I'm not worried about the straps pilling and if it does, I'm sure LV would be able to replace the straps. I am in fact thinking of getting one soon to use as an everyday tote and as a travel bag. I am not too worried about the lack of zipper of this one as it is deep + has the zippered compartment to put important things.

    Oh I like the Delightful but only in GM.
  11. i have all 3 bags and i really really like the beauborg!!
  12. azur totally!
  13. Galliera
  14. queennadine - this is tough. My vote for Totally MM although I like the Delightful PM, it's more chic but there's no zip. Hmm, Damier Beaubourg is more of a man's bag, I would rather go for Wilshire MM.

    So, if zip is not a concern, then Delightful PM/MM or Wilshire MM. Wilshire MM is newer and no vachetta to worry about.
  15. I'm leaning towards Delightful but it is similar to Galliera and between those two I would choose Galliera.