Totally MM or Delightful MM—Please Help Me Decide!

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  1. I keep going back and forth between these two bags... I am looking specifically for a comfortable everyday shoulder bag in monogram, with the Totally being at the top of my price range. I would like to buy new instead of pre-loved. I originally considered the Neverfull but found it didn't suit me and wasn't as comfortable as either the Delightful or the Totally.

    I think they're both great bags and know I'll be happy in the end with whichever I choose, but since I can only get one... I'd love to hear everyone's input as to what they like/don't like about these options, as well as which one looks better. And yes, I DID go back more than once so I could see them with different outfits :smile:

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. I just bought a totally MM. I think the totally looks great on you
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    The Totally looks like a better fit on you (size, shape, and overall design) while the Delightful seems to just be hanging there with an attitude like a kid forced to go to grandma's house:lol: I love my Delightfuls to bits but they're not for everyone.
  4. I think they both fit my lifestyle, which is probably why the decision is so difficult! I dress pretty casually for the most part, and as a creative professional in LA, my work environment is very laid back. I want this bag to be something I can just grab and carry pretty much every day, be it for work, shopping, or traveling... but more importantly, I want it to be something I can carry now in my late 20s as well as in my late 30s and beyond.
  5. I love your description of a kid being forced to go to grandma's house! I do like the Delightful a lot, but it does just seem to hang there.
  6. I have the totally but not the delightful (which I've thought about getting but am still unsure). I like my totally a lot. I feel like it's a very mature bag, not because of the pockets (which is why people say it looks like a "diaper bag") but because of its structure. I also like that it's not a common bag, unlike the neverfull (which I also have, but I hate carrying sometimes because it hurts and I always see someone with the same bag I'm holding). I really can't think of anything I don't like about the totally bag other than some people think it looks like a diaper bag and if you get the monogram print, the side tabs curl.

    I like the delightful mm and I think it's bigger than the totally mm, but I don't like the look of the sag when it's not full. I like how it hangs on you, though. Was the bag stuffed when you tried it on?
  7. Those are all some of the many reasons I like the Totally! I sometimes wonder if it's TOO mature for my age, but at the same time I want longevity!

    I only had all of my everyday carry-no-matter-what items in both bags... a mini pochette, a ZCW, my keys with a cles, sunglasses case, and a mini notebook. So it definitely wasn't full and had plenty of space. Here's what the inside of the Delightful looked like with my everyday items.

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  8. I think they both look great on you. The Totally outside pockets are a huge pro for me- my phone and keys can be thrown in there and they're deep enough to be pretty secure. I love that easy access! The single strap on Delightful may stay on the shoulder better but the I think you can tuck one Totally strap under the other to prevent the straps from falling off the shoulder. Another pro for the Totally is that it zips closed which is another big plus since my kids like to dump my bags over. ;)
  9. They both look great. I like the delightful a bit more. GLD
  10. I was debating on these two bags last year, except I wanted DE. I was disappointment with the Delightful as it kept slipping off my shoulder. I guess it was not meant to be. I end up getting the DE Totally MM. I also like the zipper on the Totally, more security.
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    Miss Krys you are hilarious!! I love your description!!:smile: I like the Totally on you better Skamanda!
  12. I love my Totally! I keep my phone in one pocket and my 6 ring key holder in the other pocket. But the biggest reason I love the bag is because it has a zipper closure.
  13. I prefer the delightful. I actually just purchased my first delightful today in azur!
  14. They both look good but I prefer the Delightful because of the casual slouchy look. For me the Totally looks a bit too structured. Good luck deciding.
  15. I don't own the Totally so I can't say whether it's more comfortable. The Delightful is very comfortable on the shoulders, even when it's packed. As far as which one looks better, the Totally looks better on you although I'm not sure if you prefer a more structured bag vs a slouchy one.