Totally mm, Menilmontant mm, de Eva, OR de nf gm?

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Which one should i get?

  1. Monogram Totally mm

  2. Monogram Menilmontant mm

  3. Damier Ebene Neverfull gm

  4. Damier Ebene Eva

  5. Other... pls suggest :)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i can't decide...i know they are all totally different kinda bag but they are whats on my wishlist...
    i need a super comfy shoulder bag (totally) while i think i also need a decent size crossbody bag (menilmontant mm)...
    I just purchased a longer strap for my evora mm so i will have a damier ebene all weather crossbody bag.
    I really love how the menilmontant looks, i love how the canvas pleats on the front, but not crazy for a flap bag, worry about color transfer on vachetta.
    I like how the menilmontant can be worn crossbody and shoulder bag with the strap looped around twice...havent tried that myself so dunno how well that works. I've always like the saumur, wanted it when i was in university but choose montsouris backpac back then...i think the menilmontant is like a refreshed version/look of the saumur (altho the saumur is still available).

    i have quite a few shoulder bags but none of them stay on my shoulder real well, so i'm wondering if adding the totally mm would help as i've read its a super comfy tote.

    also on my wishlist are damier ebene eva and damier ebene neverfull gm...
    (have azur nf gm)

    just sold a few things and have money for a bag...

    Which one would you choose?
    Monogram totally mm
    Monogram menilmontant mm
    damier ebene eva
    damier ebene neverfull gm

    thanks for your help :heart:
  2. I voted for the Totally MM. I think it is the perfect no muss, no fuss tote that transitions well from casual to slightly dressy. I like the DE Neverfull (I have it in MM), but I think in the GM size it is easy to overload and the straps can dig. I also like the Eva, but I think it is too small to be practical on a daily basis, at least for all of the stuff I haul around with me.
  3. Totally MM
  4. looks like nobody likes the menilmontant mm?? :thinking:
  5. I also vote for the Totally MM. Very comfortable, holds a good amount of stuff and is very practical.
  6. Totally MM!
  7. thanks Ladies! Looks like everyone loves totally!
    there must be something awesome about the totally :biggrin:
  8. What don't you like about the menilmontant mm?
    i'm surprised no one is voting for it... is there something about it that nobody likes it?
  9. I tried it on once in the store. Although it is a beautiful bag, I felt that the flap would bother me. Also, I read here that the vachetta piping is prone to color transfer from jeans because when you wear it cross body, it will rub a lot against your jeans. I know that will bother me. Also, you already have your Evora MM with long strap. Just my opinion.
  10. thanks!

    thanks for your vote!


    Thanks, i agree, i just took my azur neverfull gm out and it wasnt too too packed but it killed my shoulder...i had to put it in the grocery cart to relieve some pain. *ouch*

    Thanks, agree with you... :smile: yeah, i'm afraid of the color transfer too... used to own a crossbody reporter bag (discontinued now) and it had piping around & there was lots of color transfer from my clothes on the piping. *yikes*... i think menilmontant is beautiful but the flap would drive me crazy... i dont like bags with flaps... sigh
  11. My neighbor/bff has this bag and although she uses daily it has alot of color transfer and she also had Piping issues with the bag and its only acouple of months old. She still wears to be hands free but very impracticle for her

  12. thanks, guess i should stay away from the menilmontant then :sad:
  13. If you want a work hourse i guess i vote DE NF GM.

    I love mine and shes easily a work horse. And great having to carry things for my 4 kids shes used and abused and still looks good.

    Alot of people seem to love Totally ive never seen IRL though :sad:
    What bags calls out to you? I cant wait to see your reveal ;) and collection LOL :biggrin:
  14. all these bags calls for me so i really dunno what to choose :sad:
  15. yay, we've got 1 vote for menilmontant