Totally MM: how much weight can it carry?

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  1. Well, I guess the title is pretty straightforward :P I bought today a Totally MM in DE and I'm really excited about it! I almost bought a PM, but I intended to use for uni as well, so the MM seemed perfect to me. However, I'm not so sure about how much weight this bag is able to carry. The SA told me it can carry much more weight than the Neverfull, and it seems reasonable, since the NF has very thin straps, but I'm just a bit unsure, maybe because on the Totally the straps are not stitched to the lining like the NF. Can anybody help me?
    (I'm still craving for a PM! I guess I'll buy it in DA, because it's a smaller and shorter bag, so I guess there would be less worries about color transfer issues :smile:)
  2. Congrats on your new Totally MM!

    I wouldn't carry the 'kitchen sink' in this bag despite what the SA told you about the weight capabilities. Everyone carries a different amount of things with them, all of which weigh different amounts. It can hold a ton of stuff, but my opinion is such that it looks better without a lot of stuff crammed inside.

    Hope this helps somewhat, OP. :smile:
  3. Yes, it helped, thank you! I also think she doesn't look so good with too much stuff inside. I was planning to carry notebooks, papers, this kind of stuff, but I usually don't carry a lot of things with me (wallet, cellphone, keys and, occasionally, some make up and a light cardigan, just that), so I guess I wouldn't be overloading it anyway. I was only worried about the weight when adding one or two notebooks, a pencil case and maybe some papers to that. I guess she will handle it, though :smile:
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  4. On average I carry: long wallet, 2 nappies, a change of clothes for baby, wipes, keys, Chapstick, small hand sanitizer and phone. When I'm out it can get filled with a toy for baby or with library books. It does carry a lot but on regular outings I wouldnt cram a lot into it. Although it seems to be doing fine with my constant use of it. I also used it on a very long plane ride and it carried so much. I just put a scarf ontop and left it unzipped.
  5. The totally can carry a reasonable amount. But if I overloaded mine, I found there was a pull around the handles. That bothered me.
  6. That is EXACTLY what bothered me! I'm kinda worried about that. I'll still try using it for uni, but I'll make sure to constantly rotate between my bags and not use her so often.

    Either way, reading Kellybuzzbuzz's comment tranquillized me a bit :smile:
  7. You are very welcome :smile:
  8. I agree that the Totally MM gets this pull around the handles with a little weight in it. However, I fell for the pockets and organization it gives for running errands around the city. In my view, the pull around the handle is less noticeable in the DE print rather than in DA. I had originally purchased the DA because it is so beautiful....then noticed the pull and exchanged it for the DE which is a great carefree bag.
    Moreover, the Mono is not in the European offering, it can be found however in the USA.

  9. I wouldn't load it up. The top caves in if there's too much in it and it doesn't look very attractive.
  10. +1
    Loading up an LV Totally will really distort the shape of the bag and it doesn't look nice or stylish like that imo.