totally mm de or new azur le cabas???

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azur cabas mm LE tote or totally mm damier ebene

  1. cabas

  2. totally

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  1. well, i put my name down for the totally mm in damier ebene. this was a bag i always hoped would be made. however, when i originally saw the new azur cabas tote i just loved that one. i can only budget one bag right now. the cabas is $1750 which for me is high for a neverfull style ( i have the ikat) but i still love it. so what do you all think, would you get the azur cabas mm or the totally de mm?? thanks for your help!
  2. I would get the DE Totally. It's sure to be a winner. I have the Mono and love it - pockets galore, comfy flat straps, large capacity, and secure zipper top. The all-weather DE print would make the bag even better!!
  3. Totally in DE.
  4. I really like the new Azur cabas tote. Since its an LE bag I would get that one now. Then later down the road you can go for the totally in DE.
  5. thanks guys, this actually helps. i know i would get more use out of the totally. i just know it. i think that the LE factor is messing me up on the other. don't get me wrong , the cabas is really pretty. i really like it. it's just that i keep thinking it will only be here for a little while. that said, i am really leaning toward the totally for the sheer fact that i will use it so much more. i can always count on the experts here to think these important decisions through : )
  6. i know, the le factor, it's ikat all over again, lol. i do have the ikat which i love. i wonder why they didn't make this in a gm?
  7. LOVE the azur cabas. LE always holds it's value, and then some.:smile:
  8. LOL!! Yeah good question...i love the gm size. I have 2 gm neverfulls which i love. I keep the sides cinched all the time though. MM is a nice size but to me gm is better. Its a unique azur tote that you will not see very much at all. I think you can button the sides in . At least with the last Cabas tote they did you could. It was very very cute. If i was not so affraid of azur i would buy this one in a heart beat. ;)
  9. are you afraid of the scuffing on the canvas or the color transfer? i know i worry about the azur too but it is really pretty. the last cabas version had woven straps i think. i know a while back they had one on yoogis.
  10. I am afraid of color transfer. Yes, the last one has navy blue woven straps. I tried it on at LV the day I ordered my mon mono nf. My husband really liked the cabas and thought it would of been a nice summer tote bag for me. But of course i had my heart set on the mon monogram. I tend to wear alot of dark colored pants . Like denim jeans, crops, skirts. So i just fear this will transfer onto the bottom part of the canvas.
  11. i recently got the azur neverfull gm and am a little worried but not too much. at this price point however, i would be really really upset if the azur got badly damaged. on the other hand, i guess the mm would sit higher up. ah well, it's always fun to think about these purse dilemmas.
  12. Interestingly enough I am having the same dilemma. I am a bit worried about color transfer on the cabas. But if I were to get the pm it probably would be ok right? I am 5'2. I really want a I limited edition bag and I missed out on the ikat unfortunately. Anyone know how long this will be around for, I know its le? Good Luck deciding! And let us know what you decide on.
  13. hope i can decide, lol! keep us posted on your decision too. it's really the age old, practical vs.less practical but unique. i do love the ikat. if you missed that you might really want to think about this one. ugh, would love both but no way right now.
  14. I like the LE much better! you can go for the totally later as it is not LE...😊
  15. I like the totally de more