Totally MM and Neverfull GM (both in damier ebene)

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  1. #1 Apr 14, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
    Hello ladies,

    Do you think it is too much to have both the totally MM and neverfull GM in damier ebene?

    Although they are completely different designs, the damier ebene print is the same and both are totes that sort of serve the same purpose. I like the different look for the bags though, but it does look similar due to the damier ebene print.

    By the way, I am a student and I was thinking of using it for school and for the future as a work tote.
    I have the speedy 30 and totally MM at the moment for the damier ebene print.
  2. In general, I would say, better go for variation. But if you really like both of these bags in Damier and Damier is your favorite print and you want to use the bags for different occasions, I would go for it.
  3. If you already have other print, yes its ok to have both in DE. But if you havent, i will suggest you to buy another print. For me, its good to have few options and variation in my closet. Good luck on deciding. Btw, i love my totally mm DE sooo much... :smile:
  4. it depends what you already own IMO. I love to have diffrent styles and patterns...
  5. I would say go for the totally mm in DE, and the neverful gm in mono...(then no worrys about the cracking neverful handle problem)....variety is good
  6. If DE happen to be your favorite print...I don't think it ever too much. But for me, I would prefer more options for variations. :P
  7. This is what I own at the moment.

    Damier Ebene: Speedy 30, Totally NM

    Damier Azur: Hampstead MM

    Monogram Canvas: Eva clutch, Emily wallet in red, Tivoli PM (gave away to mom)

    Vernis: Bellevue PM in pomme, pochette accessory NM in Indian rose

    IKAT vernis: cosmetic pouch in Indian rose

    Yayoi Kusama: Neverfull MM in rouge polka dot waves

    Luggage Locks: mini pochette with red/white stripes

    I was also thinking about the Neverfull GM in monogram canvas, but I believe that they only have the newer modified version available now. I don't know if I shall get the modified version neverfull in monogram for a higher price and flat pouch or get the damier ebene original neverfull GM before it is gone. I like both neverfulls actually, but not for the increased price.
  8. This!

  9. My thoughts exactly - or maybe even Damier Azur Neverfull for a Spring/Summer bag
  10. I have both, but the Totally in Mono and the NF in DE. They definitely serve different purposes, but it's hard to explain until you have both in rotation. I don't find it repetitive at all.
  11. :smile:
    :smile: yes, good !!!:smile::smile::smile:
  12. I think having the ebene canvas is very practical. Both really great bags. ;)
  13. Personally, DE is my favorite print. I just bought my first three LV items, all pre-loved and they're all like new. My Duomo is 7 years old and she looks BRAND new. You can't tell its age and that's one of my favorite things about DE. You are the one spending the money and if you want an entire collection in DE, I say go for it! I myself plan on buying more DE than anything in the future. Although I have read on here about cracking issues with certain DE's.
  14. i like nf mm in DE and mono nf in gm
  15. Verity is good have things different.

    My current collection.
    Speedy 30
    Alma MM
    Delightful PM
    Emily Wallet
    Cosmetic Pouch

    Damier Ebene
    Portobello PM
    Speedy 30

    Damier Azur
    Speedy B 30
    Neverfull MM

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