Totally Mad at the Gucci website

  1. OK, so I ordered my first Gucci bag from the website on the morning of June 9th. Today, June 19th, I get the email saying that they are sorry but my item is unavailable. I find this to be a completely unreasonable amount of time to wait to find out that my item is unavailable. Now the sale choices are much more limited, and I could have gone to the Gucci store in Dallas 10 days ago and purchased something else. Has this happened to any of you ladies with the Gucci website before? I am seriously pissed off now, and am considering what to put in my email response to the company representative that sent me the bad news.
  2. I have not had that problem with Gucci...but other websites. I do find it frustrating when shopping on line as you make the payment...etc... and I expect to know right away when something is not available. Nordstroms is the best for this..they always inform immediatly when something is back ordered or not available. I would think this would be the norm. Im sorry for your frustration...that would piss me off as well. Could you call the 800 number and see if they could locate the item for you elsewhere? Give it a try! I would take the time to write a letter for sure!
  3. The exact same thing happened with my sunglasses, the Gucci website is definitely not completely accurate. When I ordered my one bag that was listed as "immediately available" I was later told that the bag would not be available for another 5 weeks then last month the same thing happened with my sunglasses, I ended up canceling the order. The funny thing was that the SA told me that they would not be available anywhere and I got them on NM like two days later.
  4. Their order confirmation email says that they will email the tracking as soon as the item is shipped out, usually within 1 to 2 days. I ordered my bag on the 7th, did not receive the tracking email and called on the 9th, as I was overly eager for my bag. The cust. rep that I spoke to apologized for the delay and deducted my shipping cost. I received the tracking email later that day and received my bag on 12th. I must have totally lucked out. For future reference, I'm totally going to call to follow up with my online orders...
  5. The same thing happened to me but with the site! It really is so annoying, because there were other items that I wish now I had picked up, but of course when I found out (not to mention when the released the charge on my card -- which is a whole other story... grrr...) it was too late.
  6. It happened to me too when I ordered a product from their website. However, they informed me the next day (via e-mail) that they had to locate the item in any of their US boutiques since they were out of stock online.
  7. I was really worried that my gucci order was delivered to the wrong address, as the tracking listed my bags as being delivered and signed for by someone in another state from me. The worst thing was there was no telephone number to call about online order questions.

    I just returned my purchase, so maybe your bag will become available.
  8. I had this happen with SO frustrating! I don't think it is too much to ask technologically that inventory be either live OR the not as acceptable alternative that they get back to you within 24 hours absolute maximum to inform you when an item is out of stock.
  9. It happened to me just yesterday. I ordered a few bags on June 8th form and got an email yesterday saying that one of them is not available. Had I known earlier, I would have just ordered another one I was eyeing. SO FRUSTRATING!