Totally lost for my 2nd B-bag purchase...

  1. I am just totally overwhelmed...

    Since the day I got my Twiggy I've wanted to get my 2nd B-bag spit spot on the double...

    Just one problemo - I cant decide which one!

    I will end up getting all of them - but that could take a while! So which one next...

    I was settled on the Shrug or Day in toffee or greige... but then then the Purse tickled my fancy and threw me off.

    I am now loving the City after seeing pics on the PF... but I was also impressed by the Breif!

    The giant hardware has also started to grow on me!

    Basically I am open for any suggestions... All I know is - I NEED ANOTHER BAG!
  2. I love the City. IMO it just very versatile and very good size.
  3. I second the City.
  4. the city
  5. Ooooooooooh, I think I know where this is going.

    For colours, I was thinking Rouge VIF...

    My Twiggy is navy (bleu) so I dont want anything in the blue vacinity, and nothing too bright...
  6. City and rouge is gorgeous.
  7. What do you think about the City in Grenat?
  8. the city all the way!!! :smile:
  9. city in basically ANY colour :p
  10. City!!!!!!!!!