Totally in love, but can it fit on the shoulder?

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  1. I'm so completely and utterly in love with the PT w/gold GH, in cafe or black (or any other dark neutral-ish color). :heart::heart::heart: I'm trying to decide between this bag and another totally stunning Prada satchel. Only deciding factor now is that I'm looking for a bag I can carry on the shoulder - does the PT fit on the shoulder comfortably without any shoulder strap?
  2. It really depends on your body type if the handles fit on your shoulder. I have never seen a part time IRL so I am not much help. Is possible for you to go to the store in person and see for yourself?? Good luck.
  3. I cannot fit the part time over my shoulders and I am not a slim person either, however I am not really big, it depends on your frame, I think you have to be pretty thin for it to fit COMFORTABLY over your shoulder. I love the part time though. I can use the strap just fine.

    good luck
  4. i have a pt and it fits comfortablly on my shoulders. I think it fits better than my city.
  5. which bag WOULD fit over the shoulder comfortably without a strap? work? day? brief?
  6. these are the two I can speak from experience on:

    I have a giant part-time and it fits over my shoulder - but very snug - right up under my arm! Probably wouldn't work with a coat etc..

    I also have a giant day - it's A PERFECT shoulder bag - like a hobo - very nice fit!! a more "casual look" than the part time imo.
  7. i have a work and day and both fit comfortably on my shoulder yet in the winter i'm not too sure if the work GH would fit. fyi, the work RH won't fit on my shoulder but the GH work does. it really depends on the look you want. i simply LOVE the day and have two of them. the work is something new for me but so far i do like it.
  8. I was wondering about whether a work would fit. Thanks for all the info!