Totally Gross Fake Fest 2006

  1. I just this past Sunday Preformed at one of our local festivals , it was tons of fun and not just an ordinary thing to do on a weekend. ANYWAY>>> There were more fake bags than i have ever seen... perhaps it's just because I had to walk around and greet before the stage show began, but HOLY MACKREL! I saw the ugliest:sick: spy in oviously cheap plastic ... that was fraying .... displaing really sexy white piffy cotton or something on the handles. Of corse the requisit parade of fake LVs with orange handles in cheap plastic.... fake Guccis that looked like they had 69s instead of GG ... but my absolute favorites were the "inspired" things . Who else has seen the brown bags that well... are sadly enough... TRYING to be a fake but just ... cant ... seem.. to ... do .. it. it's like they were trying to create a counterfit but just gave up . They are brown like your basic fake LV , but they have a random assortment of designs on them like little flowers that kind of look like the monogram canvas look .... but my Favorite was the one that had hearts and clubs and spades ....around the LV mono... in cheap plastic ... I almost died!

    - it just goes back to my humble opinion about buying fake goods ... I know a good bag is a large sum , and to some people just unattainable. I would never judge anyone for that fact, but to buy something that is an outright COPYRIGHT infringement of some thing that you admire in cheap materials, what is the point! If you admire the original , you are doing a disservice to yourself and the designer.If you cant have the real thing, there is NOTHING wrong with buying something that is accessable pricewise. I would personally rather have a closet full of Liz Claiborne than one fake ANYTHING .....
    .....But this is just one girl's 2 cents :shame:
  2. haha i know. my favorites are the Goachi's - coach inspired Guess bags, Flendi's - Fendi F with an L instead of FF logos.

    i totally would love for everyone that spent hundreds on fake LV/Hermes/Gucci's... to have bought authentic Coach/Dooney&Bourke's instead.
  3. Goachie hehe :lol:. I have never heard of that term before but I totally know what you are talking about.
  4. What is Goachi? You mean they are from Guess, but they just copied the Coach designs? Would someone please explain to me? :shame:
  5. "Goach" is a mystery. Is it Coach? Or is it Guess or Gucci. Here's a sample I found on ebay.

    Hahaha "69" or "GG" LOL.
  6. Well, personally I dont believe in buying fakes... If you dont have the money, I believe that you should save then buy it! ;)

    It takes away from the whole owning the real bag (as one of my friends puts it).
  7. I completly agree! I started buying pre-loved LV monos just because of the patina ... because there are so many fakes :suspiciou
  8. I see these everywhere!!!
  9. I'm skeptical of ever buying an LV just because of all the knock offs floating around.

    I spotted my first fake LV ever at the airport on my way to Orlando! I felt all proud that my eye for the real deal is getting a bit more defined. I'm still not good at spotting fakes, I barely know what to look for, but I could tell instantly what with those bright orange straps! Ah well.
  10. Well i went across the border this past weekend and in an "expensive" leather store they had lots of LV monogram hanbags all leather and they wanted to charge me $250 for the speedy but I was just looking at it so before I left I said. "I would recommend you get better fakes, the speedy doesn't have feet and they don't cut the material so you have backward LV's on the back" you should have seen their faces.

  11. haha, awesome.

  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Oh gosh I actually sat next to a lady carrying a Goach bag in the doctor's office the other day. It looked EXACTLY like a Coach bag from far away and as soon as she sat down it was like.. "Is that a G?? :blink:."

    As for Guess purses.. someone should write a children's book called "The little Guess bag that couldn't"..

    "I think I'm a Coach bag, I think I'm a Coach bag.. oh wait I'm not."
  14. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Urgh, I hate those... They should be called Roach and Fiendi

    Does anyone remember the moment in the movie Serendipity where the main female character's friend gets a Prado wallet?