Totally Good Luck

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  1. Hi there it's me again ( poop dream girl ) lol .
    I just wanted to share a little story with you all since you all are like my extended family .
    I have a twin sister who was diagnosed with a rare Auto immune disease called Scleroderma .This disease affects women in their child bearing ages. She's a dedicated 3rd grade teacher who goes to work every day despite the fact her Dr. Has put her on permanently disability . This disease has damaged her lungs to the point where she's now using 24/7 oxygen from a portable machine and she's also on a lung transplant waiting list here where we live . Our lives gave changed drastically in 2 years since shes had this disease .
    We were told from the best Dr.s Here in NY that the best chance fir her recovery is for them to try Stem Cell transplant . We were told this about 1 month ago from her Drs. about the stem cell option and other options as well that might be available for her .
    Over the weekend my younger sister who is also a MD. broke the news to us that she is 4 months pregnant and she has already made preparations for my twin sister to receive her baby's cord blood which is what my sister needs to survive.
    My family and I are so excited we cried all weekend and laughed all weekend (God is Good) .
    This news made me to decide to give my sister as a shower gift my Totally Gm that I purchased in the week from a wining lotto ticket . Her shower we will be planning for February since she's due in March 2012. I can't wait to give her this gift for the gift she's giving us ..
    Sorry for the long story but I wanted to share with you all how far this good luck Totally GM is going ..
  2. What a great gift. Y'all are all blessed. All of you are very giving. This was a great post, thank you for sharing with us.
  3. Oh wow. You just made me cry. What a beautiful, thoughtful, and heart warming gesture.
    My prayers go out to you, your sister, and your family.
    I just lost my best friend of 25 years, who was also my sister in law, to cancer. So I know the pain and anxiety you are going through.
  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. I am so happy for you and your family. What a beautiful gift...

    Sometimes I see the crazy fake stuff that happens on tPF and its stories like this that makes me enjoy knowing you all.
  5. amazing to hear such a beautiful story, congratulations on your sisters pregnancy and best wishes to your other sister, i hope for her recovery.
  6. Your story brought tears to my eyes... God bless your family during this difficult time, and it's very touching that you want to gift your totally, that $5 ticket has gone a long way? Thanks for sharing your story. Xoxo.
  7. What a touching story to start the day! Unfortunately we all seem to be touched by cancer in some way (me with my mother), so I will def be praying for your sister. I have twin daughters who are extremely close, and I can only imagine the heartache that you must be going through for your sister. Positive thoughts coming your way! :hugs:
  8. Wow!! Congratulations to you all around!! You are all truly blessed, and I am so happy that your family has been able to come together and confront the obstacles that life has thrown in your paths, and journey together to a happy ending... Here's to the life that is being saved and the new life being awaited!!!

    p.s. I love your idea of the Totally GM!! Passing the LoVe and luck around is an awesome idea!!!
  9. Very beautiful family inside and out you have! You are very blessed and it sounds like you will continue to be blessed as long as you have your family. All the best!
  10. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I am sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your families way. I have a feeling that your blessings and good fortune will extend way beyond that lottery ticket.
  11. You have a big heart
  12. Wow this has turned out to be such an incredible story! Thank you for sharing. God Bless you & your family thru this difficult and joyous time! And what a sweetheart you are to give your sister your winnings, that will be an awesome gift! Good luck and let us know that all is well when you all get to the other side of this...
  13. Tears, hugs and blessings. That was a very touching story. My prayers are with you and your family.
  14. what a wonderful family! sending good wishes to all of you.
  15. who would of thought that poop (:roflmfao:) could do so much good!!!! such a touching story....hugs to you !!