Totally GM and Neverfull GM

  1. Does anyone have both the Neverfull GM and the Totally GM? Do you find (or think) it's too repetitive to have both?
  2. I think it's ok if you have 2 different prints. However I regret buying the Totally. Much prefer the Neverfull.
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  3. I don't have either at the moment but have always regretted not buying the Totally GM
  4. Isn't the Totally GM discontinued?
  5. I prefer the look of the neverfull and the pochette it comes with would also be handy
  6. Yeah the totally GM is discontinued. I had one but sold it because it was too big for everyday use
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  7. Too bad... I love big bags and the thought of a Totally GM is attractive.... imho
    I would have found good use if that size....