Totally de pm or mm?

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  1. I need a rainy day everyday bag. I've looked at all the reviews and YouTube videos and still can't decide. I'm 5 foot and on the smaller side. Right now I have a sully mm and artsy mm in azur and I put the toiletry 26, zippy wallet, small pouch, sunglasses in a hard case and sometimes my ipad. I don't have any children yet but one day. Which do you guys recommend?
  2. The Totally MM is about the same size as the Artsy. The PM is more of a purse size.
    I'm 5"1 and have the PM but don't really carry much - it's not a kid size bag. HTH!
  3. MM
    IMO if you already have those items, the MM will give you leeway in case you need more space. I LVoe bigger bags tho!
  4. If you're not overwhelmed carrying an Artsy MM then you'll be fine with a Totally MM. :smile: Always better to go bigger than smaller and regret it later I think! Although I think both sizes would look just fine, for an everyday run around bag I think the PM would be perfect for you.. but if you want to use it as a mommy bag someday then you'll want the MM. GL deciding!
  5. Hey girl!!! How have you been ? I have seen your pictures of you with the Sully and Artsy and i love that look on you so with that being said.....I say go for the Totally MM !!! ;)
  6. I'm 5'1, I'd get the MM
  7. My first LV was the totally PM in DA. I planned on carrying it in the summer when I'd likely be carrying less. It was cute and looked like a purse and I did like it but I very quickly outgrew it. I should have gotten the MM. As others have said, it's better to have more room than not enough room. I ended up selling it and am looking to purchase the MM in DE.

    ITA: I'm 5'3"
  8. Mm
  9. Can you try it on? I liked the look of pm but it felt snug on my arm. MM looked huge on me but I'd prefer to go bigger than smaller - esp once I pack it full with all my junk I carry around. Oh! And I couldn't get the pm over my chubby arm easily :lol:

    I am 5'3 1/2
  10. Hey! I'm good how are you? Thank you! I'm going to wait a few days and decide but I'm thinking mm. How's the alma bb?
  11. ;) . I am getting ready for Loving the warmer weather. I love my bb!! I do not use her as an eveyday bag but i make efforts to take her out when i go some where nicer. Its not alot but I feel she was a great choice for a staple piece in my collection. Let me know what you decide on the Totally ? Will you go to Short Hills or order online ?
  12. You will just "know" when you try them both in in the boutique. The MM is quite big as I see in mod shots, maybe cause it's shape? Idk the artsy and Galliera styles are slouchy so maybe that's why they work for us petite girls. I'm your size and tried on the MM size and it was huge on me. GL with your decision...
  13. I'd get the MM. I think the PM is too small to carry all your items comfortably IMO.
  14. Was just at LV today and tried on the Totally DE mm. Loved the size and feel. I just wanted to see the difference between the PM and MM so she brought the PM out also. I'm 5'2 and felt the PM was tiny. The SA agreed the MM looked the best on me. PM is just to small IMO.

  15. +1