Totally DE pm!!! Mod shots

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  1. I was able to go see my new girl today. She is there waiting for me to pick her up Friday, which also happens to be my birthday!! I can't wait.

    Her straps are so comfy, way better than neverfull de....and the red peeking out of the pockets makes me happy. ❤️❤️

    I'm 5'6" for reference.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395446282.372505.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395446298.631816.jpg
  2. so pretty i love it perfect present for ur b-day and just in time too
  3. Very nice! It suits you!! Happy birthday!
  4. What a great present to yourself ;) Happy Birthday!
  5. Thanks for the pics! I think I need the pm instead of the mm know that I saw your pics. It looks great on you. Happy early b-day! :smile:
  6. Can't wait!!! 😍😍😍 Thanks for the pics!
  7. Looks great on you! I really like Totally in DE.
    thanks for posting the pics and happy early Birthday!
  8. Looks great on you! I am picking mine up once it releases. I can't wait! The red peeking out of the pockets sealed the deal for me too!
  9. awesome! happy birthday!
  10. Gorgeous. The perfect size for you. Enjoy in good health!
  11. Beautiful! Congrats. I hope the straps stay on the shoulder. Some of the other damier bags have that problem because of the stiffness I guess. I hope it's good on this bag...

  12. I agree.. Straps are so comfy and wont fall from shoulder. It will be a nice birthday gift. :smile:
  13. The bag looks so cute on you it is the perfect size :smile: congrats
  14. Beautiful :smile:
  15. So pretty, congrats and have a wonderful birthday!