Totally DE MM & Westie GM??

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  1. I never thought LV would make the Totally in DE, so I bought a Westie GM. Of course I now want the Totally DE MM as well! Do you think they are too similar? I'm having a tough time justifying having both bags. Please enable me!! :biggrin:
  2. I have both right now and was actually thinking about selling the Westie GM. But, I do really like both. I'm leaning towards keeping both. I'll be using the totally with my toddler and the Westie for work. My SA sent this pic before I picked up the totally MM. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396500375.769796.jpg

    Good luck deciding. I think they're different least that's what I keep telling myself ;)
  3. For me they're too similar. Do you like one more than the other, could you sell one?

  4. I am in your exact same boat! I'm trying to convince myself I don't need a totally de because I have my westie but let's just say I already figured out that I can save for the totally by my birthday. Lol! I do think they are too similar but personally I am ok with that and don't mind owning both as I do rotate my bags almost on an everyday basis so I know both would get use. I'd say go for it and if you decide you like one or use one more than the other than you can always sell whichever one you don't favor. Good luck deciding!!
  5. omg i was in the same dilemma and train thought as you but sadly i ordered a preloved westie gm (which should be coming in soon!) right before i knew they made the totally in D.E! im still gnna love my westie regardless though when its here lol. gluck!

  6. +1
  7. I think the Totally is much more casual and your plan to use the Westie for work and the Totally for play is a great idea. If you love both why not keep them. If you could only have one I would keep the Westie as I heard the Westie is being discontinued and I prefer it to the Totally. You could always get the Totally in mono or azur? Good Luck deciding!
  8. just wondering, do you find the westie much heavier than the totally? is the strap drop about the same? thanks : )
  9. I was wondering the same thing since I really like my westie and like the totally in de, so worry free! I think they are different enough to have both....
  10. Thanks for the pic! I think they are different enough to have both, too!
  11. Definitely BOTH!!!!
  12. i also think you should keep them both..i think they are slightly diff. the wesminister is more dressier then the Totally

  13. I think the Westie is just a tad heavier, but not that much. The totally is squishier for sure. The strap drop seems a little longer for the totally.
  14. I too, had a similar dilemma. Loved the Marylebone and bought it. Still LOVE it, but of course wanted the new Totally DE when it came out. I justified the purchase by deciding that the Marylebone was more dressy and that I needed the Totally because it had a zipper and would hold up better in the rain. I decided that everyone needs a DE tote for casual wear. If any of the above justifications work for you, you are welcome to use them because I think the new Totally is just something us LV lovers "need", regardless of how many other DE items we have. Have I enabled you yet? I say, go for it!
  15. Thank you so much for the pic! Its great to see them side by side!

    Haaa, that's what I'm telling myself too. :smile: