TOTALLY CONFUSED! Need your help, lovely ladies!!!

  1. I am totally confused here, need to hear opinions PLEASE...
    OK, I called SA about the troika bags that are coming to H boutique. I basically can get trim, kelly or HAC. I atleast know that if I go for one of the combos it will be in a HAC32cm, I have decided that much.
    I can get the Hac in black ebene evercalf with black troika fur ( sa thinks it is fur from the yak,btw) or the blond version in brown evercalf with tabacco troika fur.
    My issue is that I am on wait list for pink fuschia ostrich 35cm. I ONLY WANT TO BUY ONE BAG right now, cuz the bag will have to go into the closet(hiding from DH) and I am having an overlapping problem of hiding bags at this point(Braise croc kelly still in hiding:supacool:) SO WHAT DO I DO???
    The troika combo's seem really unique and harder to get than fuschia ostrich in the future(SA said I can get fuschia ostrich another time, not to worry:confused1:should I belive that?) The Troika HACS are REALLY wintery, perfect for Canada (look I need this winter) So do I get one of the troika Hacs?, WHICH COMBO???(vearing towards black, cuz of my winter coats, even though I am IN LOVE with blond combo(blond combo looks hard to wear with winter coat:confused1: or need a new coat, special for that bag).OR DO I just stick with Fuschia Ostrich and wear that in the summer????

    These are the best pics I could get of troika combos versus Ostrich in fuschia!!!
    Also btw, SA said if I am lying in bed due to C-section(baby does not seem to want to come out), SA would come over to my house with the troika HACS! Is that service or WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!:wlae: They are coming REAL soon so I have to decide. Fuschia ostrich may come in 2008 though. Help:wacko::weird:.

    I can't seem to upload the blond trim combo(brown evercalf and tabacco troika combo) Can somebody put it in this thread??? It was in the le Monde thread...????HELP???..PLEASE???:tender:
    6a0e_12.jpg 6a7e_12.jpg Kelly_Troika.JPG EN15_003.jpg
  2. i would go for the ostrich. love the pink and (and i could be way off) won't the fur wear off at the corners in time and not be able to be repaired?
  3. Not much help here to you Star but just keep in mind that troika will wear out from rubbing. I have shoes from a similar material, love them but they have bald spots from there the hems of my trousers have rubbed on them.

    Re fuschia ostrich availability. It's not as easy as that. I have a friend waiting on a bag since 2006.
  4. Wow, that Troika is HOT!!!! I love both, they are both head turners! However, I'm leaning more towards the Fuchsia. I just LOVE Fuchsia Ostrich with GH.

    The Troika HAC definitely screams unique and rare....but certainly winter I think a 1 season bag. I think with the Fuchsia you will be able to get at least 3 seasons (spring, summer and fall...possibly some winter).

    Boy it is a tough decision!!

    Which one REALLY makes your heart melt??
  5. OK, first things first....

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    STARR!!!!!! I can't believe that bag is still hiding from DH!!!!!! Too funny, girl, you CRACK me up!!!!!!

    OK, know, as much as I LOVE the Troika (and I bet your SA is right about the Yak thing - Pony is too common for Hermes) I actually think this will be something you may be able to score at a later date, perhaps from a reseller, as I think they will be quite popular short term, then lose popularity. So you may be able to pick one up cheaper. Perhaps.
    I think they ARE a limited thing though....but me? I'd do the Ostrich, just because I think it suits you SO much more!! I'd love to see you with it, and it would be a great compliment to your (hidden and otherwise) collection.

  6. star - wait till the troika comes in and decide. are you really deadset on getting the troika without seeing it IRL?

    i understand troikas will be perfect in your weather but the fuschia ostrich can be an all-year round bag! have you tried the fuschia yet? you'll fall in love, for sure ~!
  7. have GOT to get that bag out of the closet!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!

    And, as much as I love the Troika myself (and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it) you would have to baby that baby like there's no tomorrow and.....need I remind you, that you will HAVE a baby to baby without adding a BAG to the mix?

    I'd do the Ostrich as well, Starr.....the ostrich is very YOU, sweetie!!!!!
  8. I was going to tell you to get the Troika, but these smart ladies convinced me to also say ostrich.
  9. Hlfinn, Wongnumber, the rubbing is for real???:wtf: Bald spots!:wtf:....uuuuugh....I love it SO much! Maybe I should just forget about troikas just cuz of that, make decision alot easier. I also seem to think Fuschia is hard to get!, I asked last year and SA was not enthusiastic about receiving!!:push:
    Emanu1016, I never thought of the 3 season aspect of Fuschia cuz our winters last SO &#@# long!! Good point!

    GF, I don't buy from resellers, too much tax to come to Canada thru customs etc.. but I think maybe you are right, maybe it won't appeal to me or many people after awhile...especially if she goes BALD!!!:wtf: That would NOT be cool. You cracked me up with my hidden collection, it is seriously pathetic, I don't know when I will ever have her come out!!!:wtf: If he keeps buying me stuff, I feel guilty, it is like some sick cycle that has no opening for her to come out!!:shocked:
    OK, THANK_YOU LADIES SO MUCH!!!! I am sticking with the FUSCHIA wait...FORGET THIS THREAD!!!!....I hope SA does not think I am a KOOKOO! I will say the HACS don't suit
  10. PAZ, I can't wear ostrich here in Canada, WAY TOO SNOWY!!!:cursing::wtf:
    SMOM, Your right about baby I guess, but I lOVE THE TROIKA<WHaaaaaa:crybaby:
    Fesdu, THEY HELPED ME SO MUCH!!! and changed my mind too!!!:heart::idea::heart:
    THANKS SO MUCH everyone...I will stick with fuschia.

    Forget the thread, sorry!!!!:okay:
  11. LOL - as if we're gonna forget it!!!

    I reckon if you really want the troika, your SA will be able to get you one down the track...
  12. Yep...ostrich...good choice!
  13. oh thank god!!!!! i will just curl up and die if you do not get that ostrich and then decide she is too big and switch with me!!! :p okay well i won't actually die just be frustrated my bag is too small for me LOL. get the fuschia anyway it is way too pretty not to, i swear it.
  14. pink ostrich is my choice. It will work all year round in all parts of the world. Fur? is much more difficult.
  15. OK! OK! Ostrich!
    Forget the thread:roflmfao: I am so nuts lately:wacko: