Totally confused & Can't decide

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  1. Anyone have a suggestion on my next purchase? I cannot decide between The Mia Maggie in Cranberry or the Crimson Sophia. :nuts:
  2. Crimson Sophia!!! I just got it today and love it. The Maggie is cute too, but the Sophia is amazing!
  3. I would have to say the Crimson Sophia! It's just stunning.
  4. Another vote for Crimson Sophia!
  5. crimson sophia!
    i have a feeling i'm going to get the black one sooooon!
  6. well if i may say i would get the crimson madison shoulder bag lol. a mix of the 2!!! if you dont like it then i vote the maggie..
  7. Hi,
    I have seen both IRL!!! Both are very nice! I like the style of both. The Sophia is all open and the Maggie had the three invidual sections which is nice as well.
    I would say the Crimson Sophia!!!
    Good Luck on your choice!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. Go for the Maggie. :smile:))) It's a great purse organizer. :biggrin:
  9. I like the Maggie, and the color is TDF.
  10. I was looking at the Madison shoulder bag as well. I feel like it may be too big on me. I love them all!! I got issues :shame:
  11. I vote for the Maggie! Great organization and I tend to like shoulder bags more than satchels. Either one is gonna be gorgeous!
  12. I personally love both of these bags in general so I understand your confusion. I can help you solve this systematically. It depends on three factors: the hardware color, the organization, and the type of patent. Sophia has gold hardware, Maggie has silver -- a deal-breaker for some. Sophia has one large compartment, Maggie has three separate compartments. Sophia has smooth patent which is a different look than the Maggie who has crinkled patent. Ask yourself, "Which do I prefer?" for each of those three factors. If you have no preference on one or more things, that's okay. If you even "lean" toward a preference though, state it.

    MY list looks like this:
    Gold or silver: Silver
    One compartment or three: Three
    Smooth or crinkle: Crinkle

    Yes, all three of those point to the Mia Maggie for me! If it was 2 to 1, majority decides.

    Btw, the cranberry Mia Maggie is in fact on my wishlist. I will clarify that the only reason I *must* have silver hardware on a red bag is that I have some nice ruby earrings and necklace that my husband bought me and they are white gold, so a red bag and silver hardware would go well with that set. Otherwise I think both look pretty.

    P.S. I deliberately did not include a factor regarding shape or satchel vs. shoulder bag because it seems obvious from your dilemma that you like both. So let the other three decide for you!
  13. I honestly love them both. I was leaning more towards the Mia Maggie only because of the compartments. I love the the deep crimson of the Sophia though. My husband is giving me money for our anniversary this weekend and I really want to make a decision. As for the hardware I do not care as much either way. I would love to know if the Sophia can be worn on the arm with the shorter handle straps.
  14. The Mia Maggie in cranberry. It's a fabulous purse in a fabulous colour. :biggrin:
  15. Crimson Sophia! She's gorgeous!