Totally confused about tags

  1. I've read through all the info and such about how to read a tag, but I'm still thoroughly confused how to tell what year a bag is if it's NOT a metal tag? :confused1:

    For example, I saw a tan day bag the other day but could NOT tell what year it is, especially since so many of the browns and tans can look somewhat similar unless you're doing a comparison.

    So IS there any way to tell what year if it's just a leather tag?
  2. Hi Clopin...Did you have access to the paper tags that accompany the day that you saw? I would look at those first to find the year and season, and then hopefully from there you can narrow down the color.
    (Sorry...I, too, am not sure how to tell what year it is just from the leather tag alone).
  3. nope, there were no paper tags. That's what I'm wondering, is there a way to tell just from the bag and interior tag itself?
  4. I'm still a bit new, so wait for a 2nd opinion, but I'm pretty sure there is no way to tell the season/year from the leather tag alone, unless it's a distinctive color. But many of the members here are super experts, and may be able to tell you what shade of brown it is by looking at it. HTH!:smile: