Totally Bummed....

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  1. I went to do some shopping today and came home to notice that my lovely Louis Vuitton Scarf that I had tied to my Black Epi Passy was gone..:crybaby: Guess it untied itself from the handle and is lying on the street somewhere totally lost. I am sad that I lost it and hope that someone finds it and gives it a good home.. Bye Bye Scarf!!:sad:
  2. I am soo sorry to hear that. It's completely heart breaking. The only way to cheer yourself up is to go shopping && buy something new.
  3. Aww sorry to hear :sad:
  4. UGh Bummer! Sorry that happened to you! I still hope you had a good time shopping!!
  5. OH NO! i'm so sorry that happened! i hate it when i lose things!
  6. im so sorry... i hope the one who finds it at least realizes its value!
  7. Oh, no....that's horrible! I am so sorry!
  8. I'm soo sorry. I hate it when something like this happens. Don't worry , you can get another one or something else.
  9. Hold out hope, but look for that perfect replacement - I lost a beautiful earring once while shopping, but found it again in the bottom of a shopping bag I was carrying. So perhaps it will find its way back to you. But look at it as a holiday opportunity to buy something for yourself.
  10. oohh I'm so sorry to hear about your scarf. Hope it finds a new home:crybaby:
  11. aww i'm so sorry too :sad: but maybe you will find it.. you never know..maybe where you were shopping has a lost and found/manager's office.. maybe you can just call or go by someone might turn it in

    my husband had a jewlery store and once i left his jewlery inventory at the mall when i made a pit stop for myself and someone turned in the whole box of jewlery to the security office so maybe somehow you will find your scarf
  12. :sad: Oh, sorry to hear this. But did you try calling lost property at the centre? Someone might have picked it up and hand it in.:yes:
  13. Oh dear. I hate loosing things.... Well, maybe it's time to get a new scarf!
  14. oh nooooo......i hope someone takes a good care of her :smile:
  15. Oh no...I am so sorry that happened..*hugs*