Totally bummed...:(

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  1. So as I was saying in the Damier Speedy thread a while ago, I was soo excited b/c my SA informed me that they were getting 2 Speedys w/in the next couple weeks. Took my cc#/info and everything. I impatiently called today to ask if they by chance got them in early and to my surprise, I spoke w/ another SA who said those were for their store party and they didn't have any more!!! :sad: :sad: I was completely shocked and very disappointed b/c 2 people dropped the ball on this one! I even spoke to the leather goods manager who confirmed I was getting one?! I called 866-VUITTON who said the AZ store wouldn't even have them yet b/c they're not coming out til May but she put me on the waiting list anyway. I'm just disappointed b/c I thought the SA's would be better informed about these situations so I wouldn't get my hopes up :sad2: . Now I'm getting another bag to tie me over til May. Ugh!
  2. Its OK at least you getting another bag!!!
  3. Wow, that was some really poor quality service. I would definately write a comment and direct it to the attention of a manager - especially since it wasn't just one assistant that consistently said that you would be getting the bag.
  4. that's messed up. but let us know what bag you're going to get to in the mean time!
  5. hi new so i was just wondering if we have to special order for the damier speedy. i know it is coming out in may june but is it for both sizes? i want the 30 ...please help if anyone knows!!!!!
  6. From what I've heard, the Damier is coming in both the 25 and the 30 in about June. They're no longer accepting special orders since the bag is expected to be a permanent addition.

    If you REALLY want the Damier Speedy 30 when it comes out, I'd call your local NM and get on the waiting list. Good luck!
  7. according to bjara, the damier is only coming out in the 25; she just placed a special order for a 30 a few days ago, i believe, and special orders for the 25 have been stopped.
  8. gosh! now i am really confused....i definitely need to stop at lv to get an answer ...hopefully the sa knows what thier talking about because if can't get one by may june i will die! lol
  9. Awww, sorry that happened. You should complain to the manager. I would be so angry!
  10. The actual LV store accepted a special order for a Damier speedy 30 for me...
  11. Update: I went to the LV store earlier tonight and got the Damier Papillon 26 to tie me over til May/June since I wanted a smaller bag for errand-running and so forth. It has really grown on me since I was having trouble deciding between the Damier Papillon and Speedy. I'm just in love with the Damier canvas so the Papillon will surely hold me over til the Speedy gets in. Yea for me! It looks like I'll have both in 4-5 months so it doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is that I didn't get a real clear and concise answer when I asked a SA about the situation. From what she said, the leather goods manager received misinformation from corporate and from what their "system" showed, it looked like they had 2 in stock ready to sell when in actuality, the 2 in stock were for the grand opening party and not for traditional sales?! Whatever...all I wanted was an apology which is what I received (SA was really friendly and cordial) but still not the answer I wanted. Oh well:sad: ...I think I got my point across since she knows I visit quite frequently. I think they'll be on my good side from now on considering they know how PO'd I was (and still am!). Hopefully I'm not over reacting...I just appreciate accurate info...that's all! I don't think that's too much to ask!

    P.S. - From what the SA told me, they're only making the Damier in the 25 and not accepting any more SO's. HTH!
  12. At least you got your damier papillon to hold you over for a few months... Don't worry, join the wait. We're all patiently waiting here for the speedy to come out.
  13. That shouldn't have happened but it did. I'm sorry. Like what Irissy said, at least you have your Damier Papillon until then.
  14. Thanks for the support y'all. I do have another update. The leather goods manager called me today to let me know they were still working on the problem and kept apologizing profusely. She wanted to know if I was still interested in the bag b/c she is working w/ corporate to get me one ASAP and she didn't want to waste anyone's time if I lost interest already. Sooo, I asked her how long it would take to get one and she said not long at all and would be giving me a call w/in a week or two. Not sure how she's getting one for me but I'll let her worry about that!;) If she pulls through, I'm definitely going to give her rave reviews!!!! I'll let y'all know what is going on when she calls again!
  15. Damn that SUCKS, I'd switch SAs immediately to someone who was more on it. No excuse for that :sad: