Totally bummed, no sabrina

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  1. :crybaby:I totally wanted to take advantage of the the 20% coupon hoping to score a sabrina. Unfortunately the closest outlet is out of state, but it doesn't really matter because when I called to ask if they had any Sabrinas the SA acted as though I was crazy... "UH No, the sabrinas are still in retail". No road trip for me.
  2. try doing charge send.. If not do you have a Macy's near you? it 10 off every 50 right now..
  3. I think I'm going to hit up Macy's tomorrow. Try to get some of that shopping therapy that you do so well.:smile:

  4. That doesn't mean crap, there have been Sabrinas at the outlet but they keep them in the back room. It also depends who answers the phone too.
  5. I know right? I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that I can find it at Macy's. I don't have a macy's card so if I open one I could get an additional 15% off. Not exactly the outlet price but I'm also not having to drive 4 and a half hours one way. Oh,....the things I will do for coach. :thinking:
  6. Just curious about why they keep things like that in the back. Most customers know they're still in the boutiques (I know people sometimes return to the outlets) so they don't think to ask if they have any in the back. I would think they would want to sell them. :thinking:
  7. Macy are also doing 10 off every 50.. so you might want to jump on that chance..

  8. I am totally with you :sad:
    I never found any sabrina in any outlets near me, nor in Nordstrom or Macys!
    The only time I can get sabrinas are through PCE, or evilbay :sad:
  9. Your guess is as good as mine:shrugs:
  10. Sabrinas at the outlet are extremely hit or miss. Either they never get them in, are snagged by the SAs before they hit the floor, or are sold out ASAP. You're better off getting one from a Dept. store sale.
  11. So, the saga continues... I went to Macy's, found the patent camel sabrina and while the bag is being rung up the associate tells me that the sale does not apply to Coach items.:shocked: I was shocked to say the least, because I was actually in the store on Wednesday looking at the bag, which made me want the bag, which is why I called the outlets. The SA did mention the 10 for every 50 sale while I was there on Wednesday. I told the SA that I wasn't going to purchase it then. So, she called over to her manager and her manager easily gave her the go ahead to give me the discount. AND I got the additional 15% for opening a new account.:sweatdrop: I love, love, love my new sabrina. I think if every woman owned a bag that they loved, the world would be a happier place! Now to find a proper wristlet, and wallet. :graucho:
  12. So glad you got it & on sale!! Makes the love that much stronger!!!
  13. Congrats you found your Sabrina!!! I think Macys is hurting for business cause when I was there on Sat. the SA told me about the 15% additional for opening an account and told me if I didn't get approved he'd still give me the 15% off.