Totally bummed about HH Sample Sale, but at least I got a Kooba!

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  1. I'm so bummed out about the HH Sample Sale today. For starters, I spoke w/a sales rep yesterday who told me that the Smokey Blue Triple Strap Satchel would be available for around $250. I got on the site before 11am and there were only Black & Vachetta ones (the Black was $280, Vachetta $300). Neither one was a great enough deal for me to settle for another color, so I passed on that bag. I did however find a Nico XX Hobo in Currant for $150. I dropped that baby right in my shopping cart and picked out a few smaller items (a tassel, coin purse, ipod case). Since my total was less than $200, I chose overnight delivery for $48 and clicked checkout. Everything was moving along just fine until..... I clicked confirm. Once my cc was processed & my order confirmed, I noticed my total was only $78 - The Nico disappeared from my order and was gone from the site! I was so mad. :cursing: I called the store right away & naturally, no one answered. I left a message & emailed them. I am so angry that (1) they didn't tell me the bag was not available until AFTER they processed my order, and (2) that I ended up paying more for S&H than the total of the items I bought ($34)!! I don't even really want those other things, but took advantage of the bargain prices. I was so angry & disappointed, but at least I have another purchase to cheer me up somewhat.

    Last night I snagged an original Kooba Sienna bag from eBay for less than $300. I've wanted one of these for a while, but haven't been too thrilled with the latest colors and styles. I really like the original ones with cotton lining and the softer, smoother leather and I always wanted the Luggage color. I'm always watching eBay, keeping my fingers crossed that someone would be selling their gently used one in pretty good condition. Well, my patience finally paid off, cuz I got this BRAND NEW one!
    The seller is really nice, and she's going to send it to me overnight. I can't wait. I truly believe that original bags are usually best. Once they become popular and are in high demand, I think the quality dips off somewhat - I know nothing compares to my original Marc Jacobs Sophia bags (the leather is heavenly!), and my Olive Brown Classic Balenciaga is way better than my Black City bag.

    So even tho Im totally bummed about the HH Sample Sale :sad: - at least I still have something to look forward to & feel like I got a great deal :yahoo:
  2. That sample sale experience sounds horrible. Seems like your selection should at least be available long enough for you to check out. I wonder if it wasn't available to begin with or did they sell it right out of your shopping cart. Would you have bought the HH accessories had you known the bag wasn't available? At any rate, congrats on your eBay purchase!
  3. Yes, the HH sale is pretty disappointing to me too. The price cuts aren't deep enough for me to chance getting a dirty or messed up bag that can't be returned.
  4. I hope that I didn't take yours, I bought one on Saturday morning about 11AM. I got a confirmation, and it says they'll ship it on the 16th. Maybe I should expect to get mine cancelled.:confused1:

  5. ITA!!!!
  6. Sorry about your experience with the sample sale, but that may be the least of your troubles, I'm sorry to say.

    I had a look at that ebay listing for the Sienna you bought. I'm not so sure it's real. You may want to head to the Kooba forum to get it authenticated. Hopefully it's not too late and you haven't paid for it yet.
  7. I was a bit confused by the fact that in the sample sale some bags of the same style were priced differently, in different colours. I thought the neutral colors that might be more in demand would likely be the least discounted, but that wasn't the case. Are the discounts determined by how dirty or damaged a bag might be?
  8. Please be careful. I also had some questions about that Kooba. The seller has low feedback and the Tag is attached by white string. I'd ask some questions about that bag before I paid. Like where and when she got it, and to see pics of the side view of the zipper. Did Kooba ever come out with an actual color called luggage?
  9. ^ o yes white string on kooba bags isnt a good sign
    :sad: none i have ever purchased has white strings attaching the tags and i think that is one of the # 1 things that gives away fake koobas,,,

    Dont pay till you are sure,,

    The zipper from the side is def. a picture you need to see,,,

    Lexie knows all there is to know about koobas :smile: shes the MAN (well WOMAN) when it comes to helping in these idenification situations!
  10. Stop it Bess! :p No, I don't know everything about this kinda stuff. I am still learning as I go. It's just a real iffy auction. I mean, the leather doesn't look too terribly awful but the pictures are bad and don't show much. It could be real but it very well could be one of those better fakes that are harder to notice. I'd like to see the actual inside of the Kooba Tag.
    I'd hate to have seen that your Kooba is not real. There were several real Smooth Sienna's up in Cognac (which is a Kooba color). I happened to purchase one but they were 400 + dollars. 289 would be relatively cheap for a smooth leathered Sienna which is so highly wanted.
  11. I'm always suspicious when pictures on ebay are posted sideways! Does anyone else feel this way?
  12. I don't know if she's checked this thread since she posted her original message so I sent her a PM. From the sounds of it, she already went through with the transaction and paid for it if the seller was shipping it next day. Hopefully she paid through a credit card/paypal so she has some recourse. Who knows, maybe it's real, but that white string was a red flag for me.

    Iluvmybags - please update us when you get a chance.
  13. luggage was actually an original color of the sienna - that (plus the cream one that sienna m had) was the color that got the whole craze going with that bag and with kooba in general!
    I think it looks authentic - the white string is bogus but she said it was used - maybe the seller lost the original string and re-attached with white?
  14. I hope you are all wrong about this Kooba, as that would be the second bit of bad news this weekend (actually, the third - but I'll tell ya about that later!)

    I was looking at this bag a while ago, as well as another (
    I have always wanted an original Sienna bag - one made BEFORE they came out w/the suede linings.

    I emailed christid2303, who maintains a Guide on ebay about fake Kooba bags. I was pretty certain the bag with the brown lining (the one I bought) was authentic, becuz (1) I remember the Luggage color as it's the one I always wanted, and (2) I remember the brown canvas signature lining. Altho I knew that the earlier bags were lined w/canvas instead of suede, and I do remember that white lining from other Kooba bags, I couldn't remember whether or not the Sienna was ever made with that lining. I also wasn't sure about the zipper (it's plastic on the white lined bag, instead of metal) and the end ties don't look braided to me. So I emailed ChristiD

    When ChristiD replied, she said she wasn't sure at first, but thought that both of them were authentic, as she can't recall many fakes with the canvas linings. This is what I thought too. I also checked the posts at TPF, and from what I could gather from other posts, it didn't seem that there were too many fakes made with the canvas linings (plus, the older bags were made with smooth leather, as this bag is).

    I did email the seller and asked about where she bought the bag, when, etc. She said the bag was a gift from her husband, but she had already bought herself one (I know that this is standard "fake" fare, but....). She also said that the tag on the inside pocket is Kitson, and it says $595 (which I do believe was the original price). She also told me that Kooba is embossed on the side of the bag instead of the metal plate (also true of older Sienna bags). In her description, she also refers to the tag, including the style number & color, which many tags usually do.

    I have NOT paid for this bag yet. I am sending her a MO, which I was going to do today. If any of you have some other info, indicating why you know this bag is NOT authentic, pls let me know before I send her the money. My gut says it's real, but not knowing enough about Kooba bags, I need to rely on the "experts."

    I'll put up a post in the Kooba forum, and see if anyone has anything else to offer.
  15. It sounds like you are really doing your homework and I wish you good luck!!!!! Hope it all works out for you!!!