Totally Bummed... 2 bags died this week :-(

  1. This is long. I'm sorry...

    They weren't Hermes. My NEXT bag is going to be Hermes.

    My two everyday bags up and died! :wtf: Last night my Chocolate Chloe Tekla ripped at the handle (a 2k bag!), only slightly overshadowed by the expensive Italian bag of the same price that split last weekend while I was carrying stuff for my mom out with family.

    Ok, I am NOT handling these bags hard and they were both only about 4 or 5 months old, max. I know I should have expected the Tekla to rip since I've seen another member have the same problem, but the Italian was a present my DH got for me while he was away on a trip. I am bummed, to say the least. :crybaby:

    I was all set to get a Bolide or a Kelly in a few weeks, and I tell you, I was getting excited!! But since my go-to bags, the roomy Italian doctor bag and Chloe Tekla messenger are ruined, it looks like I need to get a more practical, BIG bag. We have a lot of family and I tend to be the responsible one that centers it all in... so I doubt a 32 Kelly would work for me now.

    Any advice? Is there a decent messenger type bag or similiar I could get instead... I've seen the LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Tibet GM, Messenger Bag= and wondered about it, but doubt if it could take the edge off my Hermes obsession with the Kelly or Bolide. And forgive me, I simply don't think it's very chic. Utilitarian, yes. Stylish... not so much.

    Sooooo I'm depressed. It's snowing outside so I'm stuck here to think about it, but I've got the Hermes bug and I don't know what to do now :confused1:
  2. How about a Massai? :shrugs: Or a large Garden Party? Sorry to hear about your other bags!
  3. That su**s. Sorry to hear that - these are *expensive* bags and nothing can be done about it by the manufacturer. In comparison, Hermes is cheap.

    How about a Garden Party for you? Or a Picotin MM or GM? Or a Herbag?
  4. Or gm evelyne...?
  5. Thanks :smile:

    I considered a Garden Party, but I guess the trick is I need a big shoulder or cross-body strap. I end up being "guardian of stuff" for mom, assorted various kids and godchildren, you name it. :shame:

    In fact, thats why DH surprised me with the Tekla! He actually had a SA run a search for it (this was before it was online), find it, call him when it was ready, and shield it from the other gals in the store while he purchased it LoL Doesn't sound like a big deal to many, I know... but for MY DH? Huge. He barely understands purse obsession, much less goes to such lengths to encourage it lol
  6. i was thinking herbag, too -- very practical and stylish, inexpensive for hermes, great capacity and classic hermes styling:

  7. Hmmmm a Herbag does sound nice.

    I've never seen them in the store, only on Bluefly, which I'm not sure is always reputable with better name bags (I won't bring up examples of what I mean cuz I know it makes people all defensive and scared since lots of us grab things there).

    Can you special order a Herbag?
  8. Very nice! We must be sharing the same mind, I was just looking at Caravan :yes:

    A note to Bolide owners - do they carry a lot? I am not rough with my bags... they get special seats, care, and love... except for the strap problem on the Tekla, it looked brand new!

    Should I step up to the Bolide 37cm? Or is it truly too delicate to be a mommy's bag?
  9. How funny!! I thought that bag was a great go to bag.

    I'm a mommy too, and I always try to take into account, what toys, snacks, etc. I can fit into my bag! My son is a little older so I'm past diapers, bottles and wipes, however, I still carry a lot of his stuff. I saw a 31cm Bolide this past wkend and thought the size was just fine (for my needs), however you mention you do carry a lot so going up to the next size might work best for you.
  10. don't know about mommy stuff, but a 37 is good for work -- papers, magazines for the commute, ipod, stops at sephora for lip gloss . . . .
  11. LOL I'm only a PT helper mommy. We haven't started our baby... yet! :love: I constantly help our family members tho, DH, extended family, etc. I do end up with lots in my bag (NOT good for your bag, I used to compete in fitness and I could see the damage it did to my posture) but I try to keep it light - make up bag, checkbook wallet, and so forth.

    I guess I'm looking at sporty models so when I do get my Kelly she won't have to work so hard! But then the 37cm bolide is calling to me..... Hmmmm. I wish I'd handled one more, I've been obsessed with 27 or 31 so I don't think I've ever even noticed the 37! :shame:
  12. Angelfish,

    I can endorse the Vespa or Evelyne GM. Both can sit across the body.Both are casual. (I think the Bolide is more formal). Both are relatively affodable (around 2 grand as opposed to 5 grand). I carry a couple diapers, wipes, snacks and a small toy in my Evelyne. The outside pocket is a lifesaver too.
  13. Sounds like you need a great, big, whopping 40cm togo Birkin to lug everything around in. There are two on eBay at the moment, used and abused, but workhorses, and under 5K I believe.

    I don't own a garden party, but they look great for the same use. Herbag might be hard to get in and out of? Don't know as I don't own one. Let me assure you that the 40cm togo birkin will hold the entire kitchen sink! Good luck!:smile: :heart:
  14. maybe you need to get out of that role as sole guardian carrying everyone's stuff...perhaps it is what caused your other bags to break in the first place? i think you should get the Kelly 32 and see how well everyone can manage for themselves! :smile:
    and they will have no excuse to bother you because "oops, my bag is too small!" :smile: