Totally Appalled....Anyone else had this experience?

  1. I ordered a Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey last week... got it today from FedEx, the box was half open. Went on to open the dust bag, there was the shoulder bag, with no tags or anything on it. Something just didn't seem right about it-the color was really dark and it was stiff (I think they used cleaner on it) and as I opened the purse, there was a makeup stain on thestriped lining!! And, as if that weren't bad enough, there was a used keychain inside! I inspected the outside more, and saw several stains on the leather and TWO pen marks! I couldn't believe it! After 3 phone calls to the store and customer service I got someone who could help me. The store was out, etc, so I had to call customer service. The lady wanted me to pay for shipping back! I couldn't believe it, and asked a couple of times to get a label of some kind. She finally gave in and offered to reimburse me for the shipping. So I have to pay up front for the shipping and send her the bill so she can have them cut me a check. I was just appalled at the whole thing. Everyone was very nice, but it was very tedious and now I have to ship a used bag that they sent me. All I wanted was my shoulder bag in Whiskey... :sad:
  2. Wow that is outrageous! Who in the heck is working in that warehouse?
  3. bless your heart ! nothing happen to me like that !
  4. i've been reading lots of threads like this in other forums! some people are even receiving empty boxes!

    absolutely unbelievable. and i would have DEMANDED they sent me a shipping label before i would have sent back a thing. unreal.
  5. Do you think I should try to talk to someone else and get a label? What is the normal procedure for returns?
  6. Honestly, I think they SHOULD have sent you another bag immediately and sent you a shipping label so that FedEx could come and pick it up. What's up with FedEx? Are they trying to lose the business they get from Coach? I'm so sorry. I hope it works out for you.
  7. I am really sorry to hear what happened with your bag.
    They should send you a new fresh one from JAX immediately.
    I ordered a Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey from a coach store
    in Connecticut. I also ordered one on line from
    I am going to wait and see which one is in new condition and return
    the other.

  8. That is absolutely ridiculous! The item was most likely sent from a store and the person who said they had stock in it didn't look to see if the floor model was the last one and if it was okay.

    The store should have handled it for you, It wasn't the store who ordered it's fault it was the store who fulfilled the item, the should apologize many many times and overnight you a new one at no charge.

    Also, just to put it out there- many items don't have tags because they're cut off to label them in the backroom if the item is unwrapped or returned.

    Good luck girl! If you haven't paid for a label yet, I say take it to the store and be super nice (but obviously frustrated, annoyed and upset) and the manager should accomodate you.
  9. if it was a "normal" return, then you just ship it back. but this is NOT normal, so you should NOT have to be the first to put money out there for shipping. they screwed up, they should pay (for shipping). and i really think they ought to at LEAST 2-day a new one to you.
  10. i am appalled!!!! :cursing:

    did it say that it was from JAX or was it from another store? usually if it's another store, the shipping label is printed, and not a sticker.

    if it's another store, they will tell you which store it is and you should call the store to complain, or let the manager know, however you call it, but it must NOT happen again because it's not the first time i've heard of this.

    the signature hampton's hobo in leather (embossed) was sold out and my manager managed to send one to one of our customers through found, from another store, and you can imagine our embarassment when the customer told us that there were lipstick and stuff in it!!!

    my manager called rightaway to "inform" them.

    if they don't apologize in the least, you should inform coporate, since customer service didn't work so well for you.

    hopefully you'll get the brand new one unused.

    also, coach stores do have boxes opened as well when it comes in, because fedex is sometimes tricky (human error) but this sounds like it was shipped from another store, that was stupid enough to take back a purse used, and even more stupid to send it in such a condition instead of damaging it out as they should have.
  11. Yes I am appalled too:yucky:

    So sorry and I hope you get you NEW Whiskey ASAP!
  12. Oh lordy, i'll never forget the time I called a store to let them know about a customer issue that was fulfilled by their store and they THANKED ME! and didn't even apologize. They were so non-chalant about it and was like "oh okay, thanks".

    I know what goes on in my store with orders and before we even dare to hit the reserve button the item is in our hands and looked over, I'm just baffled by how many times I see this happen with store fulfillments!
  13. i'm sorry this happened to you too. good luck sorting it out, and let us know how everything goes, okay?
  14. The invoice said it was from Sacramento. What was more upsetting to me was that the customer service lady is having the same store send me another one. I have to return it to that store also. She said they would send me a new purse when they received mine. I really want one from a warehouse, where I can be sure it isn't a display or returned...
  15. that JUST happened today.

    goodness. had so many calls b/c of new years but the SAs forget to inform them.

    whats worst. this one client had ordered a purse that was found, and another store was fulfilling it. she was the kind that would grab my name, the managers, as well as the girl who sold it to her.

    turns out, the store that recieved the order, which was done overnight, did not even ship it yet! they've had time since yetersday to have it out to fedex and they've had time before that to prepare.

    i just called the customer back, told her exactly what happened, with that store's name and number.

    she holds them responsible now!